How To Avoid Violating Scripture By Eliminating These Beliefs

violating Scripture

If you could take a look at the libraries of some of the more recognizable names in business, you would likely find that many of them have certain books in common. Great business classics like Good to Great, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The One Minute Manager, and In Search of Excellence – all would likely be there. The problem, as I see it, is that you would be much less likely to find the Bible on those same shelves. An even bigger problem is that many Christians in business put more stock in the business classics mentioned above than they do in the Bible, even at the risk of violating Scripture.

7 Principles You Will Love Learning The Easy Way


I enjoy talking to older people, especially those who have experiences they are willing to share for the purpose of teaching others. I often make intentional decisions in group meetings or gatherings to sit near someone I know to be older and wiser so I can learn something from them. If you are like me in this, then you will love the following 7 crucial business principles.

How To Escape That Energy Draining Rut


If you are high-performing leader who has a track record for success, you still know what it feels like to get in a rut. Call it a slump, fog, funk, whatever – we have all seen them and they are not fun to experience. The rut drains our energy and takes away any motivation we have for moving forward. We know we are in it, but often have trouble getting out of it!

7 Ways To Get and Keep A Good Name

good name

We can all remember famous people, or just someone significant to us, who have done something to forever ruin their good name. I will not list the names of politicians, sports heroes, and religious leaders that have disappointed us all with their fall. You can come up with your own list in your head. Unfortunately, it seems that a good name is tough to get these days, and even tougher to maintain.

What Do You Do When The Boss Is Not Looking?


As an employer, I have a unique ability to change the tone of the room, or the behavior of those in the room, just by walking in! Whether I like it or not, I have come to realize that my presence, as the boss, changes people’s behavior. I think it is human nature to act differently when the boss is not looking.

3 Simple Keys To Teaching God’s Word


Establish The Goal First

If you have been following this series on the command to Christian business leaders to be teachers, then you have probably been waiting to hear exactly HOW we are to do this. While I cannot adequately cover ALL of the HOW of teaching in one post, I believe I can get you started on the right path. You can figure out the rest with God’s leading!

Do We Have The Wrong Goal Of Teaching?


[This is the fourth post in a series about how Christian leaders are commanded to be teachers as well. In the first post, we looked at the actual command to be teachers. In the next post, we discussed what it means to be a skilled worker, correctly handling God’s Word. In the most recent post, we looked at being a godly example. In this post, we will determine our GOAL for teaching.]

Is Everyone Gifted To Be A Teacher?


Every once in a while, we run across people who did not really find their gifting until later in life. Either that, or the opportunity did not present itself for them to exercise that gifting until then. Whatever the case, it is fun to watch people like this excel in their gifting as if they have a lot of ground to make up! My wife is one of these people and she has certainly found her gifting as a teacher!