Is Christian Business Against The Law?

christian business

I received a comment on one of my former posts and I would like to address the issue it raised more fully in this post. The comment (quoted in full below), basically said we, as Christian business owners and leaders, need to be careful to comply with “the separation of Church and State” issues placed on us by our government. I believe there are likely many people who temper their witness as a result of this issue and I would like to liberate you from that fear!

How Do You React To “No”?


Have you ever been in the grocery store when a mother has told her toddler “No, you cannot do that!” All I can say is that the picture is not normally very pretty after that, right? For the next several minutes, if she is lucky, the toddler pitches a fit and throws a tantrum in an effort to convince her otherwise. Unfortunately, we often react the same way!

What Are Your Motives?


As I said in my last post, God got my attention over ten years ago and changed the trajectory of my life. He made it clear that I was to begin working toward a vision of using our business as a platform for Christian ministry. From the beginning of this journey, my motives have been to do just that. My goal has been to one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

5 Tough Questions You Need To Answer

tough questions

Every once in a while, I like to mix things up a little. Today’s post is one of those times. Rather than writing a post that tells you my thoughts and gives you my opinions, I am going to ask you a series of tough questions and let you come to your own conclusions. My hope and prayer is that these questions will lead you to action.

7 Strategies For Christian Business Leaders To Engage Culture

engage culture

Sometimes the exact same image can communicate two totally opposite ideas or concepts. I recently posted about this picture, describing 7 Ways Christians In Business Kill Their Witness. In this post, I took the position that “blending” with the world was a recipe for trouble. Today, I want to take the opposite position – encouraging you to engage culture!

5 Crucial Marks of Faithful Christians in Business

christians in business

Have you ever made so many copies of copies of something that you eventually end up with a copy that barely resembles the original? Sometimes that is the way I think we can be as Christians – even Christians in business. Maybe we model ourselves after someone else who has modeled themselves after someone else. Eventually, we lose our resemblance to the original – Jesus!

The Secret To Having Boldness In Crisis


Business is not easy. You know exactly what I am talking about. There are challenges and resistance almost every day. Some are larger than others, but it is rarely smooth sailing for very long. As a Christian business owner or leader, what is your prayer when you are challenged or even overcome with resistance? Do you pray for relief or do you pray for boldness?