Are You Playing With Passion?


Every once in a while, I a quote hits me between the eyes. I cannot stop thinking about it. It gets into my head and stays there until I can process its meaning and application to my life. I recently came across one of these quotes and I think it is one we can all use as a litmus test to determine whether we are the leaders with passion that we seek to be.

Here is the quote:

How does this quote about passion hit you? Does it strike a chord with you?

The Success Edge – A Marketplace Christian Podcast

success edge

In place of a post today, I am sharing a link (below) to my second guest appearance on Tyler McCart’s Marketplace Christian podcast – The Success Edge – where he uses interviews of people from all walks of life that also happen to be Christians in the marketplace. He sees his goal as helping Christians in the marketplace be inspired, be a light, and succeed!

What Is The Best Long Term Gain?

long term gain

With politics, the stock market, and the economy seeming to be so unpredictable to most of us these days, it is very difficult to know where we should invest for the best long term gain. If you talk to a handful of financial advisors, you will likely get a handful of opinions on the subject. Unfortunately, this is not a game that allows us to sit on the sidelines…we must participate. How then do we invest for the best long term gain?

As you might guess, I have a little different perspective for you to consider on this topic.

Which One Do You Resemble?


When we really dig into the Scripture, we are often faced with examples of how we should live. This is especially true of the gospels where we find Jesus teaching directly to us through his life and his parables. Today, I want to focus on two different men that encountered Jesus and how they changed from that encounter. As I talk about each, see which one is more like you!

Perspective Is Critical To Your Faith


Why is it that we are so quick to think we know what is going on in a particular situation when we really don’t have the whole story? Why do we so often jump to conclusions about someone’s actions or behavior when our perspective is clearly limited? How is this related to our relationship with (and faith in) God?

Limited Perspective

So many things happen in our world today and we are often very quick to assume we know the whole story, including others’ motivations, circumstances, and intent. The truth is that we know very little about these things just by looking at a picture or video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

What Is A Christian Company?

Christian company

I am often asked what I do for a living. When we meet new people, we often identify them by what they do for a living. You know exactly what I mean. Whether this is all good or all bad, I don’t know. What I do know is that I often get a funny look in return when I answer that I run a Christian car dealership group!

Sometimes I believe the funny look is simply related to me using “Christian” and “car dealer” in the same sentence! However, more often what throws them is the fact that I am calling my company a “Christian company”. This is not something people are familiar with hearing and they are not sure what to think of it.

How Do You Respond In Difficult Circumstances?

difficult circumstances

Mike Tyson was once quoted as saying, “Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.” While I am not a Tyson fan, I do think his quote should get our attention. Our “plan” to define success as hearing Jesus say, “Well done” is one thing. Living it out when there are difficult circumstances…that’s a different story.

Is This Your Definition Of Success?


I have written before about quotes that get stuck in my mind and will not fade. Well, today I would like to share another one. This quote was not necessarily directed specifically at those of us in business, but you will quickly see that it applies directly to us and how we each define success!

The quote in the spotlight today is from Billy Graham. Graham is not one of the original disciples or even the author of any of the lesser known books of the Bible. At the same time, he is someone that most of us look up to and respect immensely. He has lived a life true to his talk. He has certainly remained committed to spreading the gospel and is arguably one of the all-time greatest evangelists. Here is his quote:

When you first read that quote, what are your thoughts?

One Responsibility A Christian Leader Cannot Delegate!


Recently, I read a powerful book (Essentialism by Greg McKeown) that taught me the need for better delegation. When we properly delegate, it allows us to focus our attention on those issues and tasks that require our skills and ability while offloading those tasks that do not (Acts 6:1-7). It also helps in the development of our team members so that their skills can increase. While there are many benefits to delegating, there is one responsibility that a Christian leader cannot delegate…that is prayer!

Delegating Prayer?

As Christian leaders of our organization, department, or team, we have several responsibilities. Among these responsibilities are casting the vision, setting priorities and goals, and holding the team accountable. In many cases, we can delegate parts of each of these areas to qualified team members. As I said above, there are many benefits to doing this.

But there is one responsibility that you simply cannot delegate to your team – not even to your inner circle. This responsibility is prayer.

5 Steps To Dealing With Compromise In Business


If you are a Christian in business, then you have been compelled to compromise your faith (or how you exercise it) at some point. It may have come in the form of a small decision. Maybe it came in the form of a big one. Whatever the case, there are many opportunities to compromise. We need to be aware of this and fight hard to stand firm.

Some Examples

It really does not matter if you are the business owner or if you work for someone else. Either way, people will come to you with decisions or directives that can impact the way you walk out your Christian faith at work. Let’s take a look at some examples.