How Should A Christian Invest?


For the longest time, I struggled to figure out how to reconcile my role in running our family’s business with my role as a follower of Jesus Christ. At one point, I even considered walking away from our family business because I thought that was the only way I could fully invest my time as a disciple of Jesus. Fortunately, I later found the answer to my dilemma in the Parable of the Talents.

Are You Called To Ministry?

called to ministry

I had a conversation recently with someone who asked me when I was called to do business as ministry. Like most people, he understood that there would be a “lightning bolt” type moment when God will speak to you and “call” you into ministry. While I am sure there are those who could argue both sides of the theology of that idea, my intent is to go in a different direction.

Are You Living A Great Adventure?


As I have planned for this year and completed my goal-setting process, I have determined that I am going to build on some of my successes from last year. In doing this, I am going to take some bigger risks and go after bigger experiences and results. In a word, I want this year to be an adventure!

What about you? Are you living a great adventure? Or are you just watching (and envying) those who are?

Do You TRULY Want Life Change?

life change

In most of my posts, I take my time in leading you to a question, an idea, or a problem we all deal with. Today, I will start with a tough question right off the bat. Do you truly want life change from Jesus or do you simply want to be part of the crowd around Him? Don’t answer too quickly – think about it for a minute.

Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

comfort zone

Well, another year has closed out and a new year has taken its place. While there are many ways we as humans often approach a new year, I want to take a few minutes with you and discuss one I don’t believe is very common. I want to talk about your comfort zone and how it needs to viewed in the new year.

Gospel Driven Entrepreneur Podcast


It is the start of another year and I am thankful to be able to start it off with the opportunity to appear as a guest of P.J. Simmons on the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur podcast! You can jump over and listen to the podcast here – GDE interview!

In case you are not already familiar with P.J. Simmons and the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur (GDE), here is some more information:

What Is The Best Long Term Gain?

long term gain

With politics, the stock market, and the economy seeming to be so unpredictable to most of us these days, it is very difficult to know where we should invest for the best long term gain. If you talk to a handful of financial advisors, you will likely get a handful of opinions on the subject. Unfortunately, this is not a game that allows us to sit on the sidelines…we must participate. How then do we invest for the best long term gain?

As you might guess, I have a little different perspective for you to consider on this topic.