Is Your Reputation Truly Accurate?

Anyone in business knows that having a good name is important.  The reputation of a business can have a significant impact over time.  I have written multiple times about the importance of a good name. The same is true for us as individuals – especially as disciples of Jesus.  What would you do then, if Jesus confronted you about your “good” reputation?

The Slowest Way To Build A Reputation

Whether you are trying to run a business or build a subscriber base for your blog, reputation is something that concerns you. It is no secret that a good reputation increases your likelihood of success in either situation. What is too often forgotten is that when you really need the good reputation, it is most likely too late to build it.

What Is The Driving Force Behind Your Decisions?

Imagine for a moment that you and I are friends and have a fairly long history together.  Based on this history, you trust me and typically believe what I say.  Assume I have approached you about a business idea that I say will be very profitable for anyone involved.  Would you believe me?  What if I followed up with a request for you to invest your life savings in this business idea?  What now?  How would you respond?

Is It Possible To Over-Manage Your Time?

I know you have experienced this before.  You are knee-deep in a project, thought, or even a day dream and someone knocks on your office door.  Startled, you curtly ask what the offender wants or needs from you.  They sheepishly respond that it was nothing important and say they will come back later.  Maybe they are bold enough to say they wanted to talk with you about a subject, but you tell them it is not a good time.  You will get back to them later…but you don’t.

3 Distinct Differences Between Knowledge And Experience

I recently had an extended conversation with a business professor at Point University, a local Christian university, about what makes their program different from other business programs.  Of course, one obvious difference is the Christian perspective that is central to their mission.  However, he went into more detail about another attribute that addresses the gap between knowledge and experience in business.

4 Key Disciplines To Create The Right Culture

Have you ever been totally caught off guard by a speaker before?  Have you held certain expectations of their message, only to be shocked by their completely uncharacteristic approach?  This happened to me recently when our pastor addressed our church about our culture.  I have never been so fired up while at the same time being so convicted!

Will You Commit To Surrender These 5 Destructive Possessions?

As I have read the Bible over the years to find examples to follow and lessons to apply to our business, one particular character stands out. You are probably familiar with the story of the rich young ruler, but have you ever taken the time to apply that story to your life and business? Are you willing to let go of your possessions so that you can follow Jesus more fully?

2 Absolutely Essential KPIs Every Christian Should Baseline And Measure

[This is a guest post by Todd Miechiels, founder of The 3:15 Project. I think you will appreciate what he has to say! I encourage you to check out his ministry and consider how you can participate.]

In the consulting world we love to use all sorts of silly lingo that makes us appear smarter than we really are. At least that’s what I did for 20 years as an internet marketing consultant, and still struggle with it today. One of those gems is “Key Performance Indicator”, or KPI. It’s simply a number or value that we measure and report on that tells us how we are doing in a certain aspect of the business.

7 Ways To Get and Keep A Good Name

We can all remember famous people, or just someone significant to us, who have done something to forever ruin their good name. I will not list the names of politicians, sports heroes, and religious leaders that have disappointed us all with their fall. You can come up with your own list in your head. Unfortunately, it seems that a good name is tough to get these days, and even tougher to maintain.