How To Honor God With Your Decision Making Process

decision making

As Christian business owners and leaders, we are often faced with major decision making opportunities. Unfortunately, these situations do not always come with much warning and often carry significant consequences. Though these opportunities are critical functions of our leadership roles, we are seldom adequately trained in how to execute them – especially from a Christian perspective. In light of that, I want to share a simple set of decision making questions that can help you make God-honoring decisions.

When In Doubt, How Do You Believe?


I like to read back over the Christmas story as we get closer to Christmas. I also like to dig into it and see how I can take the lessons I find and apply them to my life and business today. For that reason, I want to focus on how we can believe more like Mary and less like Zechariah.

Here Is Stunning Life Change In A Glovebox!

life change

I am so excited to share with you a personal testimony from one of our customers. It is not about business or how well we did resolving an issue, but is instead a testimony of life change due to God’s work through our business. I share this testimony with you to encourage you to step out and do something similar through your business. Read on and be encouraged!

This Is Why You Must Quit Seeking A Balance!


I often hear Christians discussing, even complaining about, how difficult it is to balance their faith, family, work, social lives, etc. I know their intentions are good and they desperately want to do what is “right”, but seeking a balance across these areas is a big mistake. In fact, this kind of goal is in direct conflict with Scripture!

What Will Your Enemies Say About You?


For the first time on this blog, I am going to spend a little time discussing recent political events in the U.S. and how I see they apply to the Christian in business. I am not really interested in digging deep into the actual politics of the now-complete election, but I do want to offer practical advice for all of us to follow – especially regarding how we are seen by our enemies.

Why Is The Why Important?


Do you recognize the name Samuel Pierpont Langley? I am sure some of you do, but most people have never heard his name mentioned. Yet, if you lived at the beginning of the 20th century, his name would have been one you would quickly identify. Unfortunately for Langley, it was his “Why?” that is most likely responsible for his anonymity. The ideas in this post come largely from a TED talk by Simon Sinek in 2009.

How To Eliminate This Single Behavior That Limits Your Business Impact


Intuitively, we all know that our behaviors as leaders can have significant impact on those we work with every day as well as the results we desire for our business. These behaviors can drive forward, or significantly limit, our efforts. However, I am betting that the behaviors that first come to your mind as I start into this subject are most likely behaviors that we have all learned about in Business 101. Instead, I want to talk about a behavior that gets less attention – that of unbelief.

Are You Ashamed Of Jesus?


Have you ever done anything you are ashamed of? Are there stories from your past that you would not want as headlines in the news? If we are honest, I would bet that the vast majority (if not all) of you would have to say “Yes” to these questions. In light of that, let me ask another question. Are you ashamed of Jesus?

Are You Glad They Killed Jesus?


I hope I got your attention with that headline. I intended to! I did it because too often we are lulled to sleep by the world around us. When this happens, we need a wake-up call. We need to shake the cobwebs out of our head and begin thinking clearly again. In this case, I want to do it by telling you that I am glad they killed Jesus!