Ambassador For Christ – What Does It Mean? (Part 2)


In my last post, we started digging into 2 Corinthians 5:20 and figuring out what it means to us. We started by breaking out the various components of the definition of an “ambassador,” applying each component to our own situations. You really need to read that last post [HERE] to get the full effect. Today, I want to cover the remaining points that I believe are most critical in this verse.

Will You be Ashamed or Have Boldness?

Boldness when Jesus Appears

I was 13 years old, working for my father in the Parts Department of our family automobile business. Surrounded by grown men, mostly auto technicians, I was eager to fit in. I desperately wanted to shed the image of the typical “boss’s kid.” Unfortunately, at an inopportune moment, I did not expect my father to appear. My reaction was predictable!

I had recently been initiated into an ongoing game between the technicians and the parts employees. The technicians took their grease rags, balled them up, and wrapped them in tape. Anytime a parts employee left the window open between the two departments, the technicians would bomb the opening with rag balls.

What Are The Costs Of An Eternal Perspective?

eternal perspective

In my last three posts, I focused on a five-question decision making process. At the very outset of the decision making series, I explained my belief that any decision made from anything but an eternal perspective fails to honor God. One reader, Bernice, commented that she agreed with this, but that I should also point out that there is a cost associated with this line of thinking!

How To Ensure A Godly Transfer Of Power

transfer of power

After all of the anticipation, fear, and celebration, it has finally arrived: the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Whatever position you have taken during the campaign and since the election, this day is a significant one for many reasons. While it would be easy to get down into the mud and argue about whether this is the right man for the job, I want to take a different approach and discuss the actual transfer of power.

How To Honor God With Your Decision Making Process

decision making

As Christian business owners and leaders, we are often faced with major decision making opportunities. Unfortunately, these situations do not always come with much warning and often carry significant consequences. Though these opportunities are critical functions of our leadership roles, we are seldom adequately trained in how to execute them – especially from a Christian perspective. In light of that, I want to share a simple set of decision making questions that can help you make God-honoring decisions.

When In Doubt, How Do You Believe?


I like to read back over the Christmas story as we get closer to Christmas. I also like to dig into it and see how I can take the lessons I find and apply them to my life and business today. For that reason, I want to focus on how we can believe more like Mary and less like Zechariah.

Here Is Stunning Life Change In A Glovebox!

life change

I am so excited to share with you a personal testimony from one of our customers. It is not about business or how well we did resolving an issue, but is instead a testimony of life change due to God’s work through our business. I share this testimony with you to encourage you to step out and do something similar through your business. Read on and be encouraged!

This Is Why You Must Quit Seeking A Balance!


I often hear Christians discussing, even complaining about, how difficult it is to balance their faith, family, work, social lives, etc. I know their intentions are good and they desperately want to do what is “right”, but seeking a balance across these areas is a big mistake. In fact, this kind of goal is in direct conflict with Scripture!