3 More Penetrating Questions For the Workplace Christian

Can you imagine a world where employers everywhere are asking the heads of their HR departments the following question – “Where can we find more Christians to hire?  They make the best employees and leaders!”  Is that so far fetched?  Should it be?  What would have to change in order for that to be possible?

If we are honest, there are entirely too many Christians who view their workplace as a prison.  They do not see the opportunity they have for it to be a platform for their Christian faith.  They are not aware of the impact they could have on eternity if they would simply begin asking themselves six simple, but penetrating, questions.

In my last post, I shared with you the first three of six questions posed by Louie Giglio in a message he gave on this very subject.  These six questions, when consistently asked of ourselves over a period of time, have the power to transform the perspective we have regarding our work.  Not only can these questions increase the impact we have on tomorrow, but they can also dramatically improve the fulfillment we get from our work today!

Below are the first three questions we covered in my last post. The remaining three questions follow.

  1. How Can I Give More?
  2. How Can I Learn More?
  3. How Can I Personally Advance The Organizational Mission?

Question #4 – How Can I Shine?

Too many people think they need to shine or stand out at work for their own benefit.  They seek the limelight and the glory that comes with it.  Others seek to stay in the shadows, avoiding any form of attention or recognition.  Neither have it right.

Our attitude should be that we will approach our jobs with a mindset of shining as a beacon in all areas of our jobs.  This idea includes our aptitude, our workflow, and our character.  It means that coworkers will see us as a source of engagement and encouragement.  They will recognize our competence and our compassion.  They will seek us out for help and hope.

Ultimately, we want to shine like a city on a hill for Jesus (Matthew 5:14-16).  We want others to know that we are all in – for Him AND for the work we do.  When they ask us why, our answer will point them to God.

Question #5 – Who Can I Help?

It is easy for us to approach our work on a daily basis with a focus on what we need to accomplish for the day.  We often find ourselves diving into projects or putting out fires, depending on the day.  What if we changed our focus to looking for who we could help each day?  What if we opened our eyes to those around us that need encouragement, a helping hand, or just a smile?

We have to decide that we want to be the most caring, trusted, respected, and inviting person on our team.  If we will take this approach, we will clearly influence those around us in positive ways on a consistent basis.  Think of the impact we can have with this approach!

Question #6 – Where Is My Reward?

The world has us all trained to seek immediate and ever-increasing rewards in everything we do.  God’s Word tells us that the greatest reward is in eternity.  It is clear from Scripture that the rewards of today will pass away, but the rewards in heaven will never pass away (Matthew 6:19-21).

If we approach our work, looking for immediate rewards in the here and now, we will never have the impact God has designed us to have.  We will always be empty and disappointed at our results.  This is a dead-end road, though many travel it.  God’s desire for us to have life to the fullest comes from a focus on the eternal reward He has promised us.  We will do well to pay attention to this promise.

What About You?

What has been your approach to work lately?  Even if you have known for years the right answers to these questions, does your work life reflect it?  Are you approaching your job as a platform from which you are representing Jesus OR have you slipped back into a prison?

The better question is this – what are you going to do about it going forward?  Are you ready and willing to tackle your job with this new perspective?  If so, I have good news!  You are not on your own!  You have help!

Jesus has promised to be with you always.  He will be your guide and your friend that is closer than a brother.  Trust Him to give you all you need in order to answer these six questions according to His desires.  I promise He is faithful!

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  • Keith

    Thank you Chris, these 6 questions are very worthy of asking ourselves on a regular basis, maybe annually but I would suggest quarterly.

    This posting caused me to remember an incident from the mid to late 80s when I worked on a small corporate staff for a Fortune 50 company. Our department was buying Franklin Planners, remember those? We had a trainer from Franklin come in and spend 3 to 4 hours walking us through the planning and prioritization process they recommended.

    As a part of this he asked us to write down our 6 biggest goals and we would share them out loud. For whatever reason I went last. The others read their lists and they were the usual work and company related goals, all safe and sounding good. Then my turn came….

    1. To be a more Godly man 2. To be a more Godly husband 3. To be a more Godly father to my children 4. To be a more Godly Elder to my church family and pastor 5. To be a more Godly son and brother to my family 6. I don’t remember

    The reaction was what you would expect….

    • Keith, that took guts! I wonder how many of those present that day also remember how your goals were different from the rest. I would bet that risk you took has impacted one or more in that group in some way. Well done!