Who Is The Focus Of Your Leadership Journey?

leadership journey

As we near the end of this year and the start of a new one, I think it is very appropriate to take some time to look in the mirror and consider our own leadership journey. Ask yourself the following questions – Is my leadership about me? Does my leadership come from a humble or proud heart? Am I really THAT good at leading or am I leading from a heart focused on God’s will?

Here Is Stunning Life Change In A Glovebox!

life change

I am so excited to share with you a personal testimony from one of our customers. It is not about business or how well we did resolving an issue, but is instead a testimony of life change due to God’s work through our business. I share this testimony with you to encourage you to step out and do something similar through your business. Read on and be encouraged!

This Is The Wrong Way To Control Personnel Expense

personnel expense

Just this last week, one of my daughters asked me to help with the business portion of a presentation she was creating for a school project. She certainly does not realize it, but that was one of the greatest things she could do to excite me – being sincerely interested in something I love and could teach to her! I was on cloud nine!

This Is Why You Must Quit Seeking A Balance!


I often hear Christians discussing, even complaining about, how difficult it is to balance their faith, family, work, social lives, etc. I know their intentions are good and they desperately want to do what is “right”, but seeking a balance across these areas is a big mistake. In fact, this kind of goal is in direct conflict with Scripture!

What Will Your Enemies Say About You?


For the first time on this blog, I am going to spend a little time discussing recent political events in the U.S. and how I see they apply to the Christian in business. I am not really interested in digging deep into the actual politics of the now-complete election, but I do want to offer practical advice for all of us to follow – especially regarding how we are seen by our enemies.

How To Gain Business Clarity From 3 Simple Questions


Andy Stanley is a name that is fairly well known in Christian leadership circles. He is senior pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. He has authored a number of books, is a sought-after speaker, and leads thousands of others through his church and ministry organizations. With all of this, he attributes much of his leadership success to the clarity he gets from a simple 3×5 index card on which he wrote three questions many years ago.

A Confession Of Doubt And Frustration, Part 2


It is not often that I break a post into two parts. Occasionally, I will do a series of multiple posts, but even then each one is usually self-contained for the most part. However, my last post was not that way. It was clearly only part one of a two part story about doubt and frustration. If you have not read the last post, you must first go and do it now (click here). Trust me, it is necessary if you want to understand this post.