Bible Passages to Help You Cast Out Fear

cast out fear
Looking around at the culture today gives many Christians plenty of reasons to be confronted by fear.  At times, it appears as if the world is running headlong toward destruction.  Even on good days, the idea of running our businesses for God and His purposes can cause real fear to enter our hearts.  If that is true for you, please read on for a guaranteed solution.

Have You Attended Your Own Funeral?

It has probably been suggested to you at some point that you should imagine the end of your life, attending your own funeral.  In most cases, the reason likely involves some sort of goal setting or life planning process.  I am going to make the same suggestion today, but for a very different reason.  Have you witnessed your own death?

Does Your Self-Assessment Give You Hope for the Future?

Hope for the Future

I recently participated in a conversation that caused me to stop and reflect on a topic with which I am intimately familiar – ME!  I examined my own qualifications, track record, potential, and hope for the future.  I will openly admit that it was not the kind of reflection I enjoy.  While it was not all bad, it forced me to recognize that I have fallen short of my own expectations in several areas of my life.  If you have ever felt this way before, I encourage you to read on for a simple, but real solution!

How To Prepare To Die For Jesus

Die for Jesus

Are you prepared to make the decision to die for Jesus daily?  Have you thought about the kind of gun-to-the-head situation that many Christians discuss as a way to test your true faith?  Have you really prepared yourself for that possibility?

Most of us have not thought in depth about this.  Maybe we have talked in one of our small group meetings about the future possibility of facing death for our faith.  The truth is that most of us have no immediate threat of this facing us now or in the foreseeable future.  Without an immediate threat, we really have no idea how we would react.

Are You Truly Willing to Die for Jesus?

Die daily for Jesus

How would you respond if someone placed a gun to your head and asked, “Are you willing to die for Jesus?”  If you are like most believers in Jesus, you want to say that you would remain faithful to Him to the end, regardless of the threat.  The truth is that you probably do not know the answer.  Until we are actually IN that position, it is next to impossible to know how we would respond.

For most Christians reading this article, the threat I just described is not one we will likely face in the near future, if at all.  It is almost a worthless discussion since the threat is so removed from our current situations that we cannot know our heart on the matter.

How to Make These Most Difficult Decisions


During any given day in the course of business, we may face dozens of decisions.  Some are easy and others are more difficult.  While many of the decisions that we face might be categorized as multiple choice, I think the more difficult ones are those that fall under the True/False or Yes/No category.  If you are not careful with these decisions, you can get into trouble.  How are we supposed to make these decisions?

How To Change Your Perspective From Overwhelmed To Energized


I ended my last post about my year end review process with an encouragement not to get frustrated or overwhelmed when you see how far you are away from the standards or goals you seek. Depending on your perspective, it is possible you understood what I meant by that, but I think that concept is critical enough to spend more time exploring it.

7 Proven Questions To Ask If You Are Serious About Better Results

year end questions

As another year comes to a close, I begin looking to the new year with new and improved plans and goals. Of course, that is likely not that uncommon. However, maybe the questions I am asking are different from the ones you would consider normal. Maybe these year end review questions are ones we ALL should be asking each year – especially if we are serious about getting better results!

Is This A Stumbling Block For Your Faith?

stumbling block

A friend recently used the following illustration: Can you explain how cell phone technology actually works? I am not asking if you know how to use a cell phone, but if you can explain how it works? Odds are, you cannot explain this technology. I sure cannot. Yet, it does not seem like this lack of understanding of cell phone technology is a stumbling block for anyone. People do not refuse to believe in and depend upon cell phones simply because they don’t know how they work, right?

When In Doubt, How Do You Believe?


I like to read back over the Christmas story as we get closer to Christmas. I also like to dig into it and see how I can take the lessons I find and apply them to my life and business today. For that reason, I want to focus on how we can believe more like Mary and less like Zechariah.