Christian Business Blog – One Year Later!

Christian businessI am going to interrupt my series on Christian business lessons from Joshua to celebrate! Exactly one year ago, I started this blog with no clue what would come of it! I knew I had a lot of pent-up thoughts and ideas from my experience trying to run our business as a platform for Christian ministry. I knew I wanted to try to get that message out to other Christian business owners and leaders. I did NOT know if it would work or not!

Well, as we all know (and often forget!), if we will surrender to God and just follow His lead, then we will usually find that He will surprise us! I can tell you from the past 12 months of doing this blog – this is still true! God is amazing and is able to show off!

Original Purpose

Here is my original purpose in writing this blog:


I have started a new blog called Christian Faith At Work. I am writing it to business owners and leaders who are trying to figure out how to integrate their Christian faith into their businesses.

By including the resources I have accumulated over the past eight years of learning to use my business as a vehicle for ministry, as well as real-life examples from my experiences, I will teach the readers how to run their business from an eternal perspective.

They will not only learn from the resources I have gathered, but they can also interact with someone who is actually doing it, learning from my mistakes and victories.


Some Interesting Statistics

Here are some stats from the first 12 months:

12 month stats

Just for kicks, here are the same stats from 6 months ago!

6 month stats

More Results!

I love looking at the growth over time, especially when I see results that cannot be quantified with statistics. One of my favorites is the opportunity God has brought in the form of a new friend in Chandigarh, India.

My friend Rajeev is a pastor and evangelist in Northern India. God has put us together for a specific purpose. I go into a little more detail here, but the bottom line is that I have been given the opportunity to teach believers in India (via Skype) on two separate occasions about taking their faith into the workplace!

Right now, we are planning a third session where the audience is made up of pastors! This way, we can multiply the teaching! If you had told me six months ago that this was going to happen, I would have laughed at you! I cannot wait to see where God takes it from here.

Top Posts

Here are the top ten posts after one year:

1. Why I decided to walk away from the family business…

2. Pursue The Gifts You Have, Not The One’s You Want

3. Reason 2 (of 5) to Run Your Business According To Your Christian Faith

4. Taking Action – Owners Manuals For Life!

5. Have You Thought About Walking Away?

6. 10 Warning signs you are NOT a good leader – part 1

7. What Is Christian Ministry?

8. How To Create A Life Plan Document

9. Is Lack Of Excellence Excusable In Christian Business?

10. Why You May Not Like Tim Tebow!

If you are new to this blog, I encourage you to stick around for a while and see if there is anything you can take from it to apply in your workplace. If you have been here awhile, I thank you for your support! I pray you have learned something during your time here.

Give me your thoughts about the material you have enjoyed the most to this point.

Also tell me what you would like to see more of in the coming months!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If in doubt, read My Comments Policy.

  • Rajeev

    CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER CHRIS for 1 YEAR Completion Of Blog . AMAZING !! Wuhooo I am So Excited and Was Amazed to See Chart Above Blog Was Read By 140 Countries …… & Visited 18,247 Times . WOW !! Wuhooo . I thanks Father In Jesus Name and Pray In the Name Of Jesus That this Blog will be Channel of Great source of teaching in The Next Coming Future . God Bless You Brother and Ministry You are Doing . Love You

    • You have been a big part of this journey…thanks for your support!

  • rajeev


  • rajeev

    Congratulations Bro Chris For Completing 1 Yrs Of this wonderful Blog , Awesome , I was amazed to See the Report Up that in last 1 Year in 140 Blog readed , 18247 Times Visted etc , Praise The Lord !! Hallelujah !! . I am very Excited and happy , I Pray to Father In Jesus Name to Bless You and Your Efforts Ministry You are Doing and Thanks Father In Jesus For This Blog . May this Blog Become Channel Of Great Teaching Tool and Blessed many many Poeples and Many may Equip Through This Blogs Teaching . Keep up the Wonderful Work Brother . God Bless You !!

  • John Orr

    Happy Birth-blog-day!

    • Thanks John! I hope your plans are progressing!

  • Congrats Chris. Prayers for continued inspiration…

  • Happy Birthday! I love reading your posts, and I forward many of them on to my husband who is a VP of sales & marketing in a local company. I am enjoying your current study on Joshua and look forward to the rest of that series. I did really like the Tebow post too, by the way.

  • George Fuller of

    Happy 1st Birthday Christian Faith at Work. Well done Chris. Can’t wait to see the stats next year.

  • Sam R.

    Felicidades Chris! It has been a wonderful blessing to many including myself. I am hoping in the future, it can further spread to the southern borders of the continent. I believe there is a revival coming from within the market place, and what you share inspires many of us to keep going forward. God bless you and your family, for all your efforts!

    • Thank you Sam! I am looking forward to seeing what God does with this as well!

  • Where’s the party?

  • Happy birthday, Chris. You’ve come a long way in a year. May you continue to find God’s blessing and challenge in year two.

    • Thanks Tom! I am certainly planning on it!

      I appreciate your support!

  • I am hoping for a surprise party when I go home!!! Is that the one you mean?

  • KenH

    Has it been a whole year? Wow. To God be the glory. I’ve learned that when HE is lifted up, He will draw people to it. Thanks for always pointing toward Christ?

    • I can’t believe it either, Ken! Thanks for your support all along!

  • Jane Mwangi,

    Happy Birthday Chris and congratulations on the growth of your blog. For me (Here in Nairobi, Kenya) it is encouraging as it comes as a gentle push towards what I feel God could be leading me towards. I have been reluctant to leave what I have always done in the past and where I think I would like to see success. But his ways are not our ways. I am taking small tentative steps in the direction I feel led. When I come to your blog I feel so encouraged. Its like I stumbled on yours so that I can come and get the encouragement. Keep the candle burning. God bless you

    • Jane, you just made my day!

      I encourage you to keep following His lead and not your desires. While you may feel lost going in that direction at times, He will always be faithful to take you where it is best for you. Trust His lead!

  • Congrats on the 1 year anniversary and success of your blog. As a professor in SoCal, I teach a lot of college students who are trying to integrate their faith into their work so I know you are filling a an important niche. Keep it up and stay in touch.

    • Thanks J.R.! I appreciate your thoughts. I am thankful you are influencing those students as well!

  • Chris Lutz

    I am living proof that you are having victory thru this blog and your life…..the freedom I have realized thru understanding God calls His servants to impact others for eternity thru business has sent me into a radical new place in life. I pray that myself, you and all those who follow this blog continue to do things intentionally with an eternal perspective. Thanks for sharing Chris!

  • I am eagerly following your story as well! God will honor what you are doing. Keep the faith!