Are You Getting Your Feet Wet In Following God?

As I have mentioned several times in my posts lately, I am going through some storms at work. I am sincere in my efforts in following God and His lead so I am redoubling my commitment to spend more time in His Word and in prayer. It is amazing the insights He gives me when I do this!

following God

Be Strong!

Just this morning, I was reading in Joshua. I started here because I remembered God’s charge to Joshua to “Be Strong!” I felt I needed a little of that kind of encouragement!

Step Out In Faith

So anyway, I was reading in Joshua 3 when I came across what I think is a critical passage for us as Christian business owners and leaders. No matter who you are or where you work, there are going to be times in your relationship with God that He asks you to step out in faith. Following God will sometimes require that you step out before you know what you are stepping into!

That is where the faith comes in!

Crossing The Jordan River

Take a moment to read this short passage (Joshua 3:9-17).

Joshua is instructing the Israelites in how they are going to cross the Jordan River to finally enter the Promised Land.

Major Miracle

Now keep in mind that the Jordan River is typically 100 feet wide for most of the year. However, at the time of this passage, the Bible says it was at the spring season flood stage. That means it was swollen to as much as a mile wide!

They have no boats and yet they are being told to prepare to cross this mile-wide river. This is not just a few people either. The Bible said there were 600,000 fighting men that crossed at this time. Based on that, and including other men, women, and children. scholars estimate the total number of Israelites that crossed the Jordan at roughly 2.5 million!

This was no small miracle, but it was not like the similar crossing of the Red Sea. In this case, the priests had to step out into the water before God acted to stop the flow.

Big Deal with God

You may not see that as a big deal, but I think it IS a big deal with God. He does not always do it the same way. Sometimes he just moves (like with the Red Sea) and then we know what to do next – it is clear.

Other times when following God, He asks us to move first.

Examples with Abraham

Consider a couple of situations when Abraham was following God. God asked Abraham to leave his home to go to a place to be named later. Abraham had no clue where he was going, but he was obedient. Later, God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Again, Abraham was obedient without knowing what the outcome would be.

Stepping Out of the Boat

Even more appropriate, look at Peter. In the boat with the other disciples, he is called out by Jesus to step out and walk on water! Peter likely could not envision exactly how it would work or what it would look like. Plus, he was in the middle of a storm!

As we all know, Peter took the steps of obedience and was given the thrill of walking on water! Of course, it did not last long because he quickly lost his focus and went down. But Jesus was right there to pull him out. That is another whole lesson in itself!

Following God

Folks, when you are truly following God and seeking His guidance in your business, or any other part of your walk with Him, you need to be ready to get your feet wet. Pray that He would give you the boldness and faith you need to step out and trust His lead.

You will not regret it!

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  • I appreciate your transparency – praying for you and your team.

  • I am not aware of what you are struggling with but I am reminded by your comments that like Peter, we need to get out of boat to get our feet wet. It is among the wind and the waves of the storm do we find the power and authority of Christ in our life – In the midst of the storms is where He is waiting to meet us. In my post this morning on my website, I dealt with the reminder that it is through our struggles, sorrow and times of suffering that we truly understand the joy of knowing the power and authority of His name. It is His promise He left for us…

    • Coach, you are so right! Thanks for your prayers.

  • As I read through this post, I realized that I often get overwhelmed just at the thought of what lies ahead. Even though God has placed what He wants me to do in the near future very clearly in front of me, my past experiences with getting overwhelmed are flooding back with memories. Yet, the passage in Joshua you highlight made me realize that when God’s presence goes with me, the overwhelming flood won’t drown me. When I know the path is His will, I know His presence is with me, and I know I won’t be overwhelmed by the world but by Him.

    • Kari, the funny thing I learned this time is that even knowing this, the storm is still not much fun. I knew He would carry me through it – more than I have ever known this – but I still hated every second of the process! Of course, the only reason I maintained my sanity was His constant presence. That was incredible!

      • Love to hear this process happening in someone. I mean, I know it’s difficult, but you are struggling through to victory, and that always gets me excited when I see it. I know you’ve already written one for me, but maybe this struggle to victory (once you’re at a place of feeling victorious) could be another guest post topic. Something to think about, and I do realize it could be a while. I’m excited for you though, even if it isn’t something you want to write about.

        • If I had a nickel for everything I have admitted about myself on this blog that I did not want to write about (due to obvious embarrassment), I would be retired!

          The struggle is not complete at this point, but I will certainly agree to guest post about it when it is. While I do not always like to write about my struggles (often due to circumstances I created!), I do it because that is my purpose for this blog.

          If I can help others to avoid my mistakes or encourage them through challenges I have already faced and overcome, then I believe I have achieved my goal.

          Thanks for the opportunity!

          • Our purposes for writing are the same, to help others avoid the same mistakes and to encourage them by our example and lessons learned. I just feel like me going through a struggle is almost pointless if I keep it to myself and fail to use it to help others. This is the premise behind “making the most of every opportunity”… learning from the mistakes of others certainly is a tremendous opportunity and one which I’ve passed up too many times. Don’t want to do that anymore. I won’t bug you about the guest post on this, but will instead wait for you to let me know when you’re ready. Unless you want me to bug you, of course 🙂

          • Thanks Kari! I am putting a reminder in my calendar to get back to you on this in the near future.

          • Sounds good. Thanks Chris.

  • Eddie Poole

    I am thankful that God is with us when we go through the valleys. It’s also a challenge but fulfilling to get “out of the boat” and follow Jesus!

    • He never promised us it would be easy! He did promise it would be completely fulfilling…

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