Building A Christian Platform

I was praying the other day and reflecting on the struggles I have experienced over the years in my efforts to honor God with our business. So as I was reflecting, I asked God why it has been so hard. I asked Him why I always seemed to be facing yet another challenge. I really wanted to know why it was not easier to do what I was trying to do!

Christian platform

Oppositions, Challenges, and Disappointments

You see, it has been eight years since I turned over the business to God. During that time, I have seen two to three times as many oppositions, challenges, and disappointments as I can remember in as many years before turning the business over to God.

Sure, there have been victories. And there have been innumerable rewards as well. Please do not misunderstand my point here. I would not go back and change anything, but there is no doubt in my mind that these eight years have been my toughest ever in business.

Questioning God

As a result of these challenges, I often question God about what I am doing and how I am doing it. He and I have had some heated discussions about the business and all I have experienced (at least one side of the discussions has been heated!) . I am just thankful that He continues to listen!

It was during this particular “discussion” that He gave me a picture. The picture is one of a platform. As I considered this picture, I thought about what it might mean in the context of what I had been asking Him. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that He was showing me that all of theses struggles and challenges were part of a bigger picture.

In going through these experiences, I was in fact building a platform!

Building a Christian Platform

This platform I am building will allow me to speak to others now and in the future. For example, as a result of building this platform over the past eight years, I am able to speak through this blog. Maybe I reach a large number of people and maybe not. But whoever gains anything from my experiences could be impacted for eternity as a result! The more struggles I have going forward, the more opportunities I may have in the future to speak to others. While my platform may only be a small wooden deck right now, it could become something beautiful one day! Either way, God will certainly be able to use it!


Purpose and Hope

Now after telling you all of this, why is it actually important? Well I believe we all require purpose and hope to keep going through life, especially during the hard times. Without purpose or hope in the equation, it is easy for us to get depressed with our circumstances. Maybe it is different for you, but I need to know that what I am experiencing has a purpose. So, as I thought about how my experiences are serving to build a platform that God may use later to reach others, I got a sense of purpose. I had hope that there was a point to it all. And for me, that was comforting!

What are you building?

Does the thought of building a platform help you?

What will your platform look like in the future?

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