Christian Business: 7 Easy Ways To Integrate Faith And Work

Christian businessI am a strong believer in the great need for Christian business owners and leaders to begin integrating their Christian faith and their businesses. I do not think enough people are thinking this way, so I write this blog in an effort to get the message out.

As part of this effort, I often include practical ways to do ministry in the normal course of doing business. The following is a list of 7 easy ways to get started. Each item on this list is something we are already doing and is further described in separate post. The link to each post is included in each brief description. At the end of this list, I will tell you how to find another 101 ideas!

7 Easy Ways To Integrate Faith and Work

1. Christian mission statement

    This is so crucial that it really should be the first thing you do. A mission statement that acknowledges your business as a Christian business not only tells others what you are about, but also serves to keep you on track for years to come. Read more here – Mission Statement – Step 1 in a Strategic Ministry Plan.

2. Impact Fund

    Your employees will get into the giving spirit if you lead the way. Creating a fund that allows them to support their co-workers in times of need is a huge opportunity to lead. They will surprise you with their response! Read more here – How Could a Business Help with Employee Hardship?.

3. Gospels in the lounge

    You do not have to hit people over the head with the Gospel to spread it as a Christian business. Simply placing these simple Gospel messages in your customer areas is a great way to sow seeds. Let God do the rest. Read more here – Ministry Action: Gospels in the Lounge.

4. Employee Newsletter

    Communication is critical for any business. This is especially true for a Christian business. You can easily improve your company-wide communication through the use of a company newsletter. Using even the simplest of newsletters to convey a Biblical message or promote Christian values can bear fruit. Read more here – Advice from Coach Wooden.

5. Message at company gatherings

    Company gatherings, such as Christmas parties, can be an excellent opportunity for the Christian business owner or leader to reinforce the mission of the company. An easy way to do this is to carve out 10-15 minutes or so and tell a story or interesting illustration that conveys the Gospel message. While the first time may be uncomfortable, God will honor your efforts. Read more here – Christ and the Company Christmas Party.

6. Message to customers

    Different companies will have varying opportunities to share the Gospel with customers. For us, including a copy of the New Testament, with a cover that reads “Owner’s Manual For Life”, in the glove box of every car we sell seemed like an easy way to accomplish this. Read more here – Taking Action: Owner’s Manual for Life.

7. Chaplain program

Don’t Delay!

You should have no excuses to delay. Pick one or two ideas to get started, grab a couple of your key people to help, and lay out your plan. I promise you will not regret taking action!

Do you see any ideas you can implement immediately?

What can you add to the list?

What results have you seen from your efforts?

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