Christian Business: My All-Time Top 10 Posts

I have not done a Top 10 post in a while, so I thought I would catch up. The following Christian business posts are my most popular so far, since the beginning of the blog! I hope you will check out the ones you don’t recognize and let me know what you think!

Christian business

Top 10 Christian Business Posts

1. Why I Decided To Walk Away From The Family Business…
This one is close to my heart because it is truly what started all of this. Interestingly enough, this post received more than three times as much traffic as #2. It has been the top post every time I have ranked them. It was certainly a turning point in my life – one I will never forget.

2. Pursue The Gifts You Have, Not The Ones You Want!
This is a great post about embracing our God-given gifts. This post received more comments than any of the others on this list.

3. Reason 2 of 5 To Run Your Business According To Your Faith
In this post, I look at how the Greatest Commandment(s) relate to our business purposes. This really hits at the core of what drives my efforts in business.

4. 10 Warning Signs You Are Not A Good Leader (Part 1)
I think we have all tripped over one or more of these at one time or another! Make sure to read “Part 2” as well! How many did you recognize?

5. Taking Action: Owners Manual For Life!
Here I describe one of the various methods our company employs to do ministry in the course of doing business. I also explained how I was heeding my own advice to just take action!

6. Why Acknowledge Christ In Christmas?
As a result of a friend sharing a video with me, I ran a Christ-centered TV ad leading up to Christmas. I posted about this video and the bigger issue of acknowledging Christ in Christmas.

7. Is Lack Of Excellence Excusable In Christian Business?
Too many Christian business people think mediocrity is excusable because they get a pass for being a Christian. Too many consumers get nervous when they find a Christian business because they are sure the service or product will be poor. Is this really acceptable?

8. How To Create A Life Plan Document
If you do not have one, in any shape or form, then you need to read this post. You are missing out on some serious impact and influence without one.

9. Reconcile And Forgive Immediately!
This was the fifth post in a series on character issues for leaders. I confessed my own struggles in this area as well.

10. Do You Have A Strategic Plan…For Ministry?
Just like #8, if you do not have one, you need it. We often make strategic plans for our businesses, but very few do the same for their ministry impact. Read this post and get started!

Did you see a post you missed?

What was your favorite? Why?

If you have a blog, what has been your most popular post? Sound off!

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  • Thanks for sharing this list.  I’ve been following along for a while.  I don’t have a “favorite” post, but I find that each of the posts provides some encouragement for me – a Christ-follower in the business world.  Keep them coming.

    The top post in recent history on my blog is titled Leap of Faith.  In the post, I share some thoughts about stepping out in faith.  Here’s the link:

    • Thanks for following along, Jon! I will check out your post!