Do You Have A God-Honoring Decision Making Process?

This is my third post in a series about a God-honoring decision making process. As Christian business owners and leaders, it is our desire to impact eternity with our business and personal lives. In trying to do this, we are faced with many decisions. Determining the path that has the greatest impact and honors God is often difficult.

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Increase Your Decision Making Odds!

In light of that, I have been sharing a set of five questions from a C12 segment. These questions are NOT guaranteed to give you the right decision every time. That is simply not possible.

However, the use of these five questions, in conjunction with prayer, can dramatically increase your odds of getting the best results from your decision making process. In my last two posts, I have shared the first three of these five questions. Today I will give you the final two questions in this decision making process.

Question #4

If you do this, are you likely to become more or less dependent on God as a result?

Will it encourage you to trust relatively more in God or mammon?

Critical Decision Making Question

The first question here is a critical one. There are so many things today upon which we can place our dependence. Many of us find ourselves depending on the success of our business for our identity. Others place their full dependence on their spouse or group of friends.

Regardless of where you place your dependence, if it is not fully on God, then you are mistaken. Sure, God gives us our businesses for ministry and provision. He gives us our spouses for support. At the same time, He does not want our dependence to be placed upon these instead of Him.

He is to be our provider and sustainer. He is the One to whom we should turn first when feeling alone, threatened, weak, etc. He wants our whole heart to be focused on Him! (Psalm 23)

God Or Mammon?

Of course, the follow-up question gets more specific and asks whether the decision will make us lean toward God or money. This is probably the one area that trips up most Christian business owners and leaders. Because so much of our world is ordered around money, we often place our trust in it.

Our decision making process needs to take this into consideration. In asking these questions, we are protecting ourselves from very common pitfalls!

Question #5

Will this decision have a beneficial long-term impact on those currently under your leadership?

If this decision results in destroying the ministry flowing through the business, what eternal impact will this have on your stakeholders?

Leadership Is A Privilege!

In addition to the privilege of owning or running a business, God has also given us the responsibility of leading people. For some of us, this is not a huge number. For others, God has given the responsibility of leading hundreds or thousands.

The number is irrelevant. The critical idea here is that we were not given our businesses for the sole purpose of providing wealth and comfort for ourselves and our families. We have been placed in this position of leadership for the purpose of leading others toward an eternity with God.

As we find ourselves in various decision making situations, we must remember this responsibility. It was not given to us flippantly and we are not to treat it as such. Instead, we must consider the impact of our decision making on those we are leading.

No Perfect Decision Making Process

As I have said before, these five questions will not solve your every problem with decision making. There will almost certainly be situations that cannot be easily resolved even after going through these questions.

Unfortunately, there is not likely to be one decision making process that will accomplish this feat. Even when fervently praying through your decisions, there will be times that you simply cannot discern the best path. I assume you already know this to be true.

What this decision making process WILL do, when executed alongside sincere prayer, is reduce the risk of making a bad decision. While you will still make mistakes, you will make fewer of them when using these questions.

Apply And Report Back!

I hope you have found some value in this five-question decision making process. I also hope you will actually put this process into practice in the near future. If so, please report back to me with the results. I am eager to hear how it goes!

Do you see the decision making value in these five questions?

Are you ready to apply them to your next decision making opportunity?

Can you add a question or two that have helped you make crucial decisions?

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