Reason #1 (of 5) to Run Your Business According to Your Christian Faith

Have you ever tried to reconcile your Christian faith with the way you run your business? Have you always been taught to keep faith and business separate? Are you trying to determine God’s purpose for your life?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then this series is for you!

This post is the first of five posts in a series that will show you why you should run your business according to your Christian faith.

Anytime we want to determine the heart of God, the first place to start is with His Word.  If He has already said it, then we are in no position to question it.

The Great Commission
After Jesus was crucified and resurrected, He appeared to the disciples.  Just before ascending into heaven, Jesus gave them their marching orders through what is called the Great Commission below.  I believe these are our marching orders as well.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all I have commanded you.  And I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth. – Matthew 28:19-20

We are all, as Christians, commanded to go to the nations and make disciples.  This is not a suggestion or a request.  It is a command.  This does not mean that we are all to sell our possessions and move overseas to be missionaries.  There are plenty of opportunities to make disciples right here where we are.  We just have to look around.

Barna Research
According to a recent survey by George Barna and his research group, almost 40% of American adults are classified as “unchurched,” meaning they have not attended a conventional church more than once in the past year.  Even worse, only 15% of adults surveyed considered their faith in God as their top priority in life!  It appears the field is ripe for making disciples right where we are!

For typical business leaders, most of our time is allocated to our work.  We carve out some for family and leave a little left over for church on Sunday.  While some business leaders may buck this trend, they are in the minority.  That being the case, does it not make sense to fulfill the Great Commission exactly where we spend most of our time – in our business?

What better way for us as business leaders to reach those people (customers and employees) than through our business?  If we exercise and example our love for God through the way we run our business, maybe we can connect with them in a way (and in an environment) they have not found in a church.

Have you considered your responsibility to make disciples?

Do you see opportunity in your business to impact others in this way?

What are your obstacles to doing this?

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  • Jeff Schicke

    Considering that we do spend so much of our time in the office, a good percentage of the people we share Christ with should be from there.  I’m not a business leader, so I have to be wise in what & how & when I share.

    • I agree, Jeff.  Using a bullhorn in a work environment is not advisable!

      I think so much, if not all, of our influence with co-workers, employees, and even customers, will come through relationship building.  Based on how our words, actions, and decisions match up with our faith, we can have tremendous influence even when not shouting about it.

      My main point is that, regardless of position, we should be intentional about reaching others for Christ…all the time!  

      Thanks for visiting, Jeff.  

  • Jacestowe

    Chris, just now getting a chance to read some of your notes.  I think we as Christians, we have to run our business as we live our faith.  How can you do other wise?  With that said, it is never that easy.  Over the years we have had prayer groups at work, and actually played cont. christian music through the dealership.  But some how we have gotten away from that.  We don’t do that anymore.  I think the biggest thing we have in our work life is to let people know we are Christians.  And as they get to know us, then they will have the opportunity to ask questions.  All we need is the question, and the Spirit will take it from there.  I need to slow down and go back to some of the things with used to do.  Thks.

    • Thanks Jace! I appreciate you taking the time to look over the blog.

      I agree with you – it is not easy! However, like you said, how can we do otherwise? My whole goal with this blog is to spark a thought in someone’s mind that maybe this is something they should consider OR remind someone that has already thought it (and may have done it in the past) to do it. I am glad it spoke to you.

      I miss you guys! I trust all is well with you and your family! Stay in touch.

  • Mdsgpro

    “This does not mean that we are all to sell our possessions and move overseas to be missionaries.  There are plenty of opportunities to make disciples right here where we are.  We just have to look around.”
    Reason #1 substantiated my direction in life! Your statement above came to me verbatim a few weeks ago and identified my goals! the Path is still cloudy however!
    God Bless!!

    • I am glad! Keep seeking His guidance and the clouds will slowly give way to clarity…over time…His time!

  • rajeev

    One Thing, I have some Experiance in Running Small Christian Buisness , Before i had 3 wheeler Taxicalled auto rickshaw which runs on indian Roads , I had that I was Evangelist and as Side Buisness i had Bought this Auto Rickshaw and had gave it on Daily Rent Which was allowing Me income to help me so much to meet the needs of Church and Personal needs , When i had Got the Taxi , I had Commitment with The Lord to Use that for The Glory of God , and Run this small Buisness with God’s Principles and Godly Way . I Never Compromised . Did my Best to glorify God . I had Even some Scriptures Pasted inside the Taxi , To The Persons to whom i had Given This Taxi on Rent to Drive He was Christian too and good Believer Of Our Church . To God all The Glory , Through that Taxi . Hundreds of Souls was Witnessed Gospel . every Week i was Providing Free tracts and Jesus Films Video Cds to Taxi Boy and Was Saying Him If You Meet Someone Preach Them Gospel and Give These Cds in Free . Many Souls Saved this way , And I Never Charged Money For Sunday , I had given him taxi saying , On sunday you will have to Park taxi before my home , Even i dont need rent of sunday . The Taxi was Used as free shuttle Service to bring handicap in Church and Bringed Them back . I will Say there Great Joy to Obey God and Runs Our Businesses In Godly Way . I had a Positive Results . Many souls added into Kingdom Of God and Even Through that Buisness i had Enough to meet Personal and Ministry Expenses . There was Even Time When i Also Drove that Same Taxi for many Months . and I will Say you Taxi driving Buisness in India , You can Say It is Worsest Work to Do , because of Drivers Peoples Way of Talking and Druggs , Fights , Abusing and So many Bad Activities . This was The Time When i Get To Go near to them Personally and Show Them Love and Nature Of True Living God . One Preacher Said If You want to Save Sinners by Preaching Them . They are Not in The CHURCH , They are Outside The Church , Soulwinner Goes where the Sinners are .. I met every Kind of Persons on Those Days , robber type , fighter , abuser and every kind of Persons . I tell you one Thing . God used me , They had Same nature before me , But when i told them i am Pastor , And Many Times i Invited them to Church and Gospel meetings , They Visited , Now Same those Peoples who was so against Christianity and Christian Peoples and Had Many False things of Deception Put in Their Heart By Other Peoples . God allowed me to Teach the Truth and They heard Truth and Truth Set Them Free . I can Show you those peoples , I do not drive taxi any more . But whenever i Go on road on My Bike and They See me . They say me Brother Where was You ? ha ha How is Your family and Church ? Their Lives are So changed , They Bringed their Dear Once for Prayer in Our Church Many Times . I See Many Times , If i am standing Up there and any Other Driver come and while Conversation He Start Speaking in Bad Language along with abusing etc . The Other Peoples whom i know Say Them Quite Quite , He is Pastor ha ha Praise The Lord . Believe me there was Flock of peoples was start gathering To Hear Word of God From me . Everytime instead of Playing Card etc in Free time at Taxi Stand . Instead of Playing Card . They were saying me Bro rajeev Please tell us something about Sin , Sometime and Adultery is that Sin ? and Sometime about Other matters Like Worshiping Idols , and Questions about Christian Faith . They are very Close to Accept Jesus as Their Savior and Lord . Various Times they Visit Church Call us to Pray for their families etc .. God is Good .. They Heard the Truth and Truth Set them free ..
     I WILL SAY IMPACT YOUR SURROUNDING Area Buisness area everywhere With Love and Teachings Of Christ . Peoples are In Need , They Are Looking For Truth . GO everywhere . Go where the Sinners are and Preach Them Gospel and teachings of JESUS CHRIST !! you will See Peoples setting Free AMEN !!
    Blessings in Jesus Name

    • Rajeev, I love it! That is exactly what I am talking about. Great job!

  • A Christian should run their business on Biblical principles…”honesty, integrity, love, truth, etc .however, if you start requiring people partake of “COMMUNION,
    or complying with Jesus’ command….to “go ye into all the world…”  ” you will be hard-pressed to comply with “the separation of Church and State” issues placed upon us by our government. 

    • Patti, I agree to some extent, but I want to clarify. I will do a full post on this next week and reference your comment, if that is okay with you!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

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