The Secret To Having Boldness In Crisis

Business is not easy. You know exactly what I am talking about. There are challenges and resistance almost every day. Some are larger than others, but it is rarely smooth sailing for very long. As a Christian business owner or leader, what is your prayer when you are challenged or even overcome with resistance? Do you pray for relief or do you pray for boldness?


Clear Crisis

To get an idea of what I am talking about here, let’s take a look at the actions of Peter and John in the book of Acts. In Acts 3, Peter and John are headed to the temple when they are approached by a man that was lame from birth. He asked them to help him so Peter told him, in the name of Jesus, to get up and walk! In an instant, the man was healed and began telling everyone what had happened.

Soon after, in Acts 4, Peter and John are arrested by the temple police. Now keep in mind that this is happening not too long after the crucifixion of Jesus and just a little before the stoning of Stephen. This would not have been a simple slap on the wrist in the minds of Peter and John. There was likely a real chance in their minds that they would be punished severely, and possibly even killed. This was a serious crisis.

How Did They Pray?

As it was, they were threatened against preaching or teaching the name of Jesus any more. They were then released. We don’t know exactly how they felt, but they were human. They likely had some fear in their hearts. They had to wonder what would happen if they ignored the threats of the temple police and continued preaching the name of Jesus. Right?

So, in this mindset and with the fragile atmosphere around them, how did they pray? How did they seek God in this situation? Take a look and see:

And now, Lord, consider their threats, and grant that Your slaves may speak Your message with complete boldness, while You stretch out Your hand for healing, signs, and wonders to be performed through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.
Acts 4:29

Pray For Boldness?

Imagine you were in a similar situation in your business. Maybe you are feeling afraid of the anti-Christian culture around you. It could be that you are beginning to think all of the recent lawsuits against Christian business owners could negatively impact you and your business soon. It might even be that you are in the middle of a mess right now, one that is threatening your freedom to live out your Christian faith through your business.

Given these circumstances, how would you pray? If you are going through it now, how are you praying? Are you praying for God to give you relief from the threats? Are you asking to be delivered from the mess? Or, are you praying like Peter and John? Are you praying for complete boldness?

Follow Their Example

Whatever your situation, I encourage you to follow the example of Peter and John. The culture we are seeing today is not one that is friendly to the way we want to operate our businesses. It is not a culture that embraces and encourages us to proclaim the name of Jesus.

We are pressured from almost every direction to keep our faith to ourselves. We are led to believe our faith is intolerant and should not ever enter the workplace. If you listen to the current media voices, and believe them, then you are likely to experience fear and anxiety over actively living out your Christian faith in your business.

God Is Faithful!

I get it. At the same time, the Bible is there to encourage us and to give us the examples of God’s faithfulness. He will answer our prayers for boldness just like He answered the prayers of Peter and John and the disciples. In fact, He answered them in the very next verse!

When they had prayed, the place where they were assembled was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak God’s message with boldness.
Acts 4:31

It is my prayer that we all begin praying for our own situations AND those of our Christian brothers and sisters. Begin praying that we will all have the complete boldness we need in the workplace. Pray that we will all stand strong against the culture that is pressing in on our freedoms. I declare that I believe God will answer these prayers!

Have you been praying for boldness or relief?

How can you pray for boldness today?

When has God been faithful to give you boldness in the past?

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  • Charlie Blair

    I find myself too often praying for safety and relief. Recently, I have been praying instead, to be dangerous – to the forces of darkness, to injustice, to ignorance, …to anything that opposes truth. I want the boldness of the Apostles who prayed in gratitude for the beatings the received because they testified about Jesus. That’s the kind of dangerous I want to be. I want to get over ‘comfortable’ and ‘safe.’