Warning: You Have An Enemy!

enemyDo you ever feel like there is a conspiracy against you? Do you get the idea that someone is out to get you? Well, if you are a Christian business owner or leader out to impact others for eternity, then you are correct. You have an enemy that hates you. He has a target on you, your business, and your family.

Jim Reese – CEO, Atlanta Mission

This is the fifth post in a series of five that describes the advice my brother and I received from business and ministry leader, Jim Reese. Mr. Reese has seen incredible success in the business world over a stellar career with executive positions in companies such as Randstad N.A., Frito-Lay, and HoneyBaked Ham, but he has also significantly impacted people for eternity through his work with Atlanta Mission. He has taken his exceptional business skills and is applying them in Christian ministry.

Reese’s Advice

Below, is the fifth of five main points I gained from our conversation. This advice is directed at anyone trying to buck the norms of this world and integrate their faith into their work. If you are trying to run your business from an eternal perspective, then you need to heed this advice.

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    [typography font=”Cardo” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Know that the enemy will attack you.[/typography]


Talk of the Enemy

While some people cringe when you mention the enemy in this context, I am one who takes the Bible to be the truth – whether I can see it or not. The Bible talks about the enemy in a number of places. Here are a few…

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;…” John 10:10

“For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Ephesians 6:12

“Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

Do you take this Scripture seriously?

If you were warned that there was a stalker scheming to do life-threatening harm to your son or daughter, would you act? Would you move to protect them? Or would you just blow it off and assume things will work out?

See, as Mr. Reese mentioned, the enemy will not just come directly after you. He will come after your family. He will come against your employees. He will come against any weak spot you have.

Recognizing Existence of the Enemy

The point of recognizing the existence of the enemy, as well as his intent in destroying you, is to help you in three ways.

    1. When you know you are going to come under attack, you will prepare. You will not be surprised by it. Though you certainly cannot completely avoid being attacked, the damage is less destructive when you expect it and are ready for it (1 Peter 5:8).
    2. You can take action and equip yourself and your family. You can put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17). You can equip your family, educating them about the potential dangers in the process.
    3. You can pray. You pray for protection. You can ask others to do the same on your behalf. (Ephesians 6:18)

Invading The Territory Of The Enemy

You may be thinking I am crazy. That is fine. However, if you get serious about using your business for ministry, then you will be going straight into territory that the enemy considers to be his own. You will likely be impacting people and groups that local churches have not seen in years, if ever. This is great work for the kingdom, but do not kid yourself into believing it is without resistance or consequence. The enemy will hate you for it.

Just go back through the Gospels, Acts, and Paul’s letters to see if I am not telling you the truth. It is Biblical and it is a truth you need to accept.

I am not suggesting you start running around your business spraying devil repellent and screaming “We are under attack!” I am recommending you take appropriate actions through prayer and Scripture memory, to put on the full armor of God. I am advising you to be ready.

Do you know what I am talking about to be true?

What do you do to prepare for and protect against this?

If you are unsure, will you search the Scripture for yourself?

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  • What you talk about in this post is absolutely true. In fact, it’s more real that what we currently can see and touch! To prepare, I spend daily time in prayer and Bible study. I attend church & fellowship regularly. (There are details in those that I won’t get into, but as you know they are the basics.) Scripture is usually my first source when I am unsure. When it’s not, I usually struggle a bit until I remember that I haven’t gone to scripture yet. One more point to add is that I think we often give Satan too much credit. At least, I think this was a trend in the past. Nowadays, however, I feel like we don’t give him enough credit. I think he is allowed to do more because we don’t realize that what you talk about is true.

    • Kari, I know what you mean about giving him too much credit. “Satan made me do it” type of stuff. You are right about that! At the same time, as you acknowledge, others do not give him credit enough.

      In this post, my intent is not to address the “It’s Satan’s fault” excuses, but the outright attacks we will experience when we step onto the battlefield for Christ. It sounds like you are preparing. Good job!

      • You know, I feel like I’m preparing but I never feel prepared. Know what I mean?

        There is a definite balance in how much credit we give Satan and how much blame we have to take on ourselves, isn’t there?

        • I do not know this to be absolute fact, but it seems to me that the following is true. When you feel prepared, you are likely overconfident and in need of even more preparation!

          • Hmmm… so, preparing but not feeling prepared is a good state to exist in? That kind of makes sense to me. Kind of like you’re in a dangerous place if you feel you have nothing left to learn.

          • Like I said, I am not CERTAIN that this is true, but I believe it is dangerous to allow ourselves to feel fully prepared…except in the case of salvation.  I do not believe there is anything wrong with having full assurance of our position in Christ.

          • I agree.

  • Missioneagles

    Greetings –

    This is great and vitally necessary advice.  Thank you so much!

    Recently, I published on http://www.smashwords.com, an e-book titled, “Warfare Solutions
    Loaded with the Lion of Judah.”  It focuses on how to steadfastly defeat the enemy.

    Also, my blog is http://www.newbreedwarriors.blogspot.com

    We need to be ever ready because our enemy has no pity for us Christian soldiers!

    • Thanks for the links! I will have to check them out!

  • I know this to be true.  In fact, if you are not subject to attack, as my former pastor-mentor advised, the enemy, otherwise Satan, had nothing to worry about. Your life is not a threat to him. However, if you are obeying the Great Commission and Great Commandment, you must guard yourself to face the blindsided attack of the enemy. The devil or diablos, which means deceiver, is supernaturally good at deceiving us when we are least prepared. I know in Billy Graham’s biography, he addressed his awareness of this truth about ministry. The Bible is full of examples of this reality. Please do not believe that it will not happen to you…If Satan believes you are a threat to him, you will be a target when you least expect it! If we living as Christ commands us, the attack will come.

  • Oh man, I know this very much to be true. It’s so true in so many areas of our lives. And it’s crucial to point out. I believe one of Satan’s craftiest methods of attack is to mess with us without leaving his fingerprints. We never attribute it to the enemy. Being aware is crucial.

    • “…without leaving his fingerprints.”

      I love the way you put that!

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  • As you and I have spoken, I know this to be true. The scary point is this: If we believe we are leading a Christian life choice, but there are no obstacles, no threats on the horizon, does Satan consider you and your enterprise a threat to him? Are you living a life that is worthy of his time and effort? His attack is real and at times that are least expected. I have the scars to prove it…

    • Great questions, Coach. I believe there is always going to be opposition from the enemy if we are rightly invading his territory. If not, he leaves us alone. While I know my flesh prefers to be left alone, that is not where I should be!

  • Scott

    I wish I really, truly realized this twelve years ago when God gave me this vision to steward; http://www.praygrounds.com. I have paid a steep, steep price for stepping out with this.

    • It took me quite a while to realize this as well…

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