What Does Victory Look Like In Christian Business?

Picture someone right now in the business world, or in your industry, that you respect and admire. This needs to be someone that you see as successful – someone who has seen their share of victory. Maybe it is even someone that you wish you could switch places with (at times). Do you have that person in mind?

Make A List

Okay, now that you have someone in mind, I want you to write down the reasons that you have for seeing them in this light. What is it about them that you wish you could have or experience? How do you measure their success? When you say they have seen their share of victory, what do you mean? Be specific with your list. Don’t leave anything out.


Our Look At Victory

For the last week, we have taken some time to look at victory and come to some conclusions.

Victory In Business?

Today, I want us to take a hard look at what victory actually looks like in a Christian business. While this may sound simple at first, it really is critical. See, if we do not have a crystal clear picture of what it looks like in our business or on our job, then how do we really expect to strive for it or experience it? How can we expect to recognize it when it comes?

Your List

Let’s get back to the person you look up to in the business world.

Take a look at your list and tell me what you see.

Are your observations related to his financial success in his business? Do you connect his acquisition of other businesses to your view of his success? Do you like the fact that he has a reputation within the business world for being shrewd and able to generate strong returns on his investments?

What other items are on your list? Did you mention anything about her involvement in industry associations? Did you list some awards she may have won as a result of her hard work or creative solutions to workplace challenges? Maybe you considered her life-long tenure at the same company as worthy of your respect.

Your View Of Victory In Business

Whatever the case, your list is a rough picture of the way you define victory in business.

The tough question is this…does our list match up well with Scripture? Does it fit with the definition the Bible gives us for victory? Can you make a case for a direct connection between your list and the life and example of Jesus? Are you working toward living a life that does the same?

If you can, congratulations!

If not, there is work to do.

Examples Of Victory In Business

In an effort to help you see this picture with a little more clarity, I have put together a list of actual examples that do match up with the Bible’s definition of victory in business (and life). Take a look and let me know what you think about this list in the comment section at the bottom of the post.


    – The CEO of a national company is accused of discrimination because his company supports the Bible’s definition of marriage. As a result, at least one major city government is moving to block the company’s expansion into their city. (Read about it here.)

    – The owner of a young construction business chooses to take a risk and hire someone he truly cannot afford for a non-revenue-producing position. He decides hiring a chaplain for his employees is too important to pass up.

    – A company chooses not to match the operating hours of the rest of their competition, forfeiting a huge opportunity for revenue. Instead, they close on Sundays. (Read about it here.)

    – An operations director decides that his call to ministry in the workplace is more important than keeping a job where that is frowned upon. He is fired for his decision and is now on his own to start a business that will glorify God.

    – A corporate manager decides to pursue an online degree in apologetics so that he can be prepared to answer the tough questions he will receive from his clients as he makes more of an effort to share with them the reason for his faith in Jesus.


Eternal Perspective

If you look closely, you will notice that each of these examples reflect an eternal perspective. While victory may not seem evident right now, each item on the list will still be having a ripple effect 1,000 years from now. This is usually the best indicator of true victory.

The other thing you will notice is that these examples would likely be looked upon as silly or even foolish in most pure business circles. Review this list at any of the nations top business schools and you will likely receive laughter or even be mocked.

God’s View

The truth is that God does not define victory as the world does. In fact, Scripture says that He chooses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and the weak things of the world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27). The experts may not agree with my list, but I am not so concerned with what they think. I hope you see it the same way.

How does your list look to you in hindsight?

Would this list have been different for you 5 years ago? Why?

What do you need to do to change your list?

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  • I don’t even want to think about what my list would have been like 5 years ago, let alone 10 or 15. These are things I have to reevaluate constantly because it’s easy to start on the right track on a life project (school, job, relationship, etc) and get off course as time goes along (like the Ephesians church in Revelation). It seems easier to evaluate in ministry positions because I have my mind in the right place (at least physically), but it’s harder to come up with that conclusion in other places…like…am I loving the Lord with all my heart and my neighbor as myself while doing this data entry? That’s a difficult question for me.

    • It IS a constant battle to remain undistracted and on-course, isn’t it?!? I have the same problem, but we fight on, right?

      Thanks Tyler.

  • I remember the years when success was measured in things! I never was able to find peace because every new budget wanted more and I wanted more to succeed against the competition. Then I read Billy Graham’s autobiography and visited his retreat and attended one his events with young people from our church. His focus was on honoring God and touching lives. It is then when I believed that business should do the same. The successful business in my mind honors God and seeks to touch the lives of its customers and the community, while making disciples among the coworkers. That is why I have chosen to invest in the company I am employed today! Thanks Chris.

    • Great points, Coach! I think Graham’s model is a good one for us to follow! I hope our business can live up to that example one day.

  • Chris Lutz

    I definately would not have had a list in alignment with a biblical/eternal perspective five years ago. However, God is faithful to work in His children to accomplish His purposes and to complete the good work that He began to completion at the day of Christ return. Besides the primary work of the Holy Spirit and the gospel, I am also thankful that God chooses to also work thru man to testify to His love. To this end, I am thankful to Mr. Patton and this blog as I can now say my defintion of victory in business is in alignment with God’s call on all Christ followers and I can truly claim Coram Deo (living in the presence of God) in this major area of my life.

    • Thanks Chris! I am excited to see where God takes you as this journey unfolds. Keep us up to date!

  • Made some notes in my idea book to keep me thinking more about what victory looks like based on an eternal, biblical perspective. I think it takes a serious paradigm shift for people to think this way, but oh the freedom that opens up once they do!

    • Kari, isn’t it amazing…IF we will simply accept the Bible for the truth and do what it says, we will have total freedom from worry. Unfortunately, very few will do so.

      Jesus said the truth will set us free, but so many prefer Egypt.

  • Appreciate your continued emphasis on the eternal perspective. Someone else highlighted the Chic-fil-A/anti-gay report on Facebook last week. In this case, the person was slamming Dan Cathy as being anti-gay. I noted that his statement deals specifically with the definition of marriage. It’s interesting how a statement goes from a particular conversation about marriage to a general “that person hates gay people.”

    • I love Dan Cathy for his willingness to state his position despite the risks. I don’t know where this ends up for Chick-Fil-A, but they have sure taken some heat lately. I pray it blows over.

  • Life Victorious

    I am absolutely impressed and refreshed at reading this series on victory. We have personally been pursuing the idea of victory in all aspects of our lives, including business, at our own website. We will be spotlighting your articles, as you have hit upon the idea of victory from an eternal perspective while at the same time being victorious in a very real way (and not simply floating on the clouds out of reality), and you have done so very eloquently! Keep up the awesome work!!
    And I will add that I am proud of Chik-Fil-A for standing for their beliefs despite being persecuted by the actual government (Boston mayor persecutes a privately owned business for personal religious beliefs? Sounds like SOMEone isn’t separating Chruch and State… Hmmmmm….)
    Again, thank you for the excellent writing… we will be linking to you!
    shalimamma at lifevictorious.com

  • Shalimamma, I really appreciate the kind words! I am glad you have enjoyed the series and will be able to share it with others on your site. I look forward to hearing of any results!

    P.S. I love your site! I need to spend some more time on it soon!

  • Marianne

    Thank you for this series. It has given me A LOT to think about. And thank you for reminding me to always, always look at life (and business) from God’s eternal perspective, not mine and certainly not the world’s. God bless you.

  • Marianne, I need the reminding as well! I am just as guilty as anyone else!
    I am glad God has spoken to you through this series.

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