What If You Won The Lottery?

The other day I was thinking about all of the worthy Christian ministry organizations I have become aware of in the past several years (e.g. TrueLife Mission). I thought about how much money they are all trying to raise in order to accomplish the mission God has given them. At one point I even thought about how much I could help them if I could just win the lottery!


Not About The Lottery!

Now before you start commenting one way or the other on the morality of a lottery or anything like that, please know that this post is not at all about the lottery itself. We are simply going to take a look, in this post AND the next one, at how we would (and should) handle such enormous wealth if it were at our disposal.

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? I have and I don’t even play it! In fact, I have thought often about what I would do with that kind of money. Whether it came from a sudden windfall (like the lottery) or even from a successful business endeavor – what would you do with a huge sum of money?

Failed Previous Winners?

Certainly, when you look at the stories of many of those who HAVE won the lottery, it is sad to see how it has so often destroyed the winners. So many lottery winners have had a short and wild ride, but then end up in worse financial condition than they were in before the lottery paid them.

Reasons For Failure

There are many reasons for this, I am sure. One, they are not trained in how to handle such large sums of money. Another reason may be that with their additional income, they likely see themselves in another “class” of people. They feel they have to spend more to keep up with these people.

I am sure they also underestimate how expensive the higher class lifestyle can be. The more expensive house comes with higher property taxes, higher utilities and maintenance costs, etc. The expenses begin to snowball before they even realize what has happened.

An obvious reason is likely that they are not focused on what God would have them do with the money. While some are charitable to a point, many spend more of their time trying to protect their wealth from anything or anyone that may threaten it rather than seeing how they could give more.

It Would Be Different!

If you have ever thought about what you would do if you won the lottery, then you have likely told yourself you would never let those things happen to you, right?

You have probably said, like I have, that you would first tithe on the winnings. Then you would probably plan to give away a huge portion of the lottery winnings to other organizations. I have picked out several mission organizations that would benefit from my lottery winnings.

Debts Gone!

You likely determined that the next amount would be carved out to pay off all of your debt. Then, you would probably be determined not to let that debt get so high ever again. If you cannot afford something with your new lottery winnings, then you just won’t buy it!

You have also probably said that you would never allow your expenses to outrun your winnings – even unexpected expenses. You probably decided, like I did, that you would carve out another portion for savings – to be used in the event of an emergency. This is just smart thinking, right?

Avoid the “Jones'” Trap!

I would also bet you thought about how you would not allow yourself to fall into the trap of trying to keep up with others (the Jones’) who had similar or greater incomes. In fact, you have probably determined that this winning would not really change who you are or how you live today (for the most part).

Finally, if you are like me, you probably decided you would set aside some of the money for those small, unpredictable times when someone you know is in need. You would want to be able help those around you when they come upon a crisis and with your newfound wealth, that should not be a problem.

What Else?

If I have left anything out, please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next post where we look at what I think we SHOULD do if we were to win the lottery. You may have some idea of where I am headed with this…we’ll see!

Have you thought about this?

What thoughts would you add?

What would you offer for our next post’s discussion?

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  • Windfalls of money in anyone’s life alters one’s life, whether for good or bad. However, truth be told, just look at all the college athletes who win the lottery in being drafted into pro sports. Check out their lives on both sides of their success. When money is the focus, the measure of one’s status, then a train wreck is usually around the bend. Any success received too quickly, too easily is never valued correctly. Unless there is a sacrifice, there can be no proper value on what is received or achieved. Welcome back!

    • I agree with you Coach…and it is good to be back!

  • Tom Wiegand

    We can talk about bettering lives, changing lives, saving lives through winning a monetary lottery, yet this is not how God thinks. We are not of this world as God constantly reminds us. Therefore, a great windfall of money should go only to support our heavenly vocation; to save souls!

    Where does this start? Restoring families to God and His Word. Here is where our greatest sin must be repented and purified. The only reason contraception, abortion and supporting lies of God’s Law continue is Christians voted for what they practice, living in the hell we created. There has never been a society, ever, that killed it’s own and survived. And, no matter how one paints their own faith, family is God in Father, Son and Holy Ghost; three persons in one God; and family of one man and one woman He created with Him living in each of us to live and procreate only within His Law.

    Most Christians won’t like these words, for they rather remain in their denial. The
    only lottery worth winning is Heaven, and Christians believing heaven is theirs by faith alone while their works of the devil won’t count, deceive themselves. Fix the family and we begin to save souls! God have mercy on us.

    • Tom, I certainly appreciate your passion – especially with your thoughts on the family. I hope you see a little more sense to this post after reading the next one…this was just the prelim!

  • Yes, I have you thought about this. So far, you are right on the money 🙂 with my thinking. It occurs to me that I would want to do something “in faith” with the money, though I want to do something “in faith” with my current money too. Maybe it’s something with long-lasting impact, like eternally.

    • Good point about the “current” money. Feeds right into the next post!

  • David Pleasants

    Make it grow….foundation….as to impact others more than once….even after your death….wealth mentality vs. poor mans mentality. We are to do the same with our talents….monetarily, mentally.

    • Good thoughts! I like the eternal perspective as well as including non-monetary resources. Thanks David!

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  • maria ann

    My friend lamp thank you for making me know about this man i have been playing for some time now and winning is hard to come , I took your advice and contact the spell caster and now i won $110,000 in the roadrunner cash, I am so grateful thank you so much. Drsoula_b@live.com is the answer to win lottery

  • Napa

    I wrote it out in faith because my life is such a mess. I would split it with my mother and move also go back to school. I plan to tithe and help others I don’t want the whole jackpot just enough to finish helping me right my life. I am currently do so and putting my faith in God whether I win or not but I pray with a wholesome heart so I can live a good life like I used to have. People laugh at my faith that God can do it but I know he can do the impossible. I’ll right my life without the windfall with Gods help but it will be a boost to get me there sooner. I’m hurt and broken but I love and trust God if it never happens but I believe he will grant my prayers because he knows my heart. Judge me or don’t but I know I have good intentions.

    • It is just like you said…God knows your heart. I am certainly not in a position to judge you!

      The great part is that you wrote out your plan. Now I would urge you to do the same thing for a back-up plan (without the lottery). Like you said, it may take longer, but at least you will be working with a plan rather than winging it! I am pulling for you!

  • Katherina

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    • claudia lashley

      oh go away with your spell casting you’re on the wrong forum we use prayers here not spells

  • RB in Marietta

    All these comments are worthy. Your series will be interesting. My “two cents”: With my winnings, as you suggest, I pay off my house (my only debt), buy my wife a car (hers is 15 years old), and set aside my tithe (contributing a super-huge tithe to one church might create problems for that church, so I’d spread it) as well as an amount for taxes. The remainder would be invested in dividend and income-generating stocks and bonds and that income would be the “foundation” mentioned by other commenters. Do you realize that $1 million of Southern Company stock would generate almost $50,000 of dividends every year? Think of what you could do with that!! So if you had $100 million “left over” in your winnings and could earn “only” 4% on that THAT WOULD BE $4 MILLION EACH YEAR (before taxes, of course) going toward ministry, missions, welfare, food, water, SO MANY things for good! What fun that would be!

  • Ginger

    Hi Chris,

    I read your article. I have thought about this a few times over the years. If I played the lottery and won I would do some of the things mentioned in your article. I would tithed, pay off my debt, bless the elders in my family who grew up in a time when wealth was not readily possible for them, set aside some of the money for people/family that may come across hard financial times (with no strings attached), and Of Course – I would enjoy some of it! I will post this on your article page.

  • Justin Martin

    Hello Dr. Lee I had to post my testimony on how you helped me, since I am so overwhelmed and greatful to you and the magick you have done for me From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say,-Thank you. I was on the edge of losing my house and so many things around me, so I asked a spell from you, so that I will be abel to save my house and come up with payment options. Sure enough,-what I asked for. You have proven over and over again, that you are the best spell caster, that I have ever met, and I am very grateful to meet you. I know, that I can turn to your help and you deliver the results. Blessings to you, Always Your Greatful Cutomer. Thanks again Dr.mulamoneyspell@yahoo.com

  • Faedra

    Please pray for me and my family. We are about to lose our house. God knows my heart and I did everything I could to save it. Now is on short sale. Please pray for a miracle in our lives.

  • Al

    I’m convinced that I can live a high quality life on $30,000, so if I were to ever win, I would only keep that much per year. I don’t crave the material things like a fancy car, fancy house or anything like that. All I want from life is to continue living with my dad(as I cherish my dad and whatever time I’m allowed with him,) being free to play the video games and watch the shows I want to watch when I want to watch and play them, and then maybe spend some money to go to a couple of sporting events a year. Nothing too extravagant. Just live in comfort, enjoy some experiences and items, but mostly just be free to basically have fun and continue to learn more about God.

    Sadly, I admit, I get pissed when God doesn’t allow me to win. That is my struggle. I believe the excess money could be of great help to the world. Imagine if I were to win the pch $7,000 a week for life prize. I would only keep $600 a week for myself and then what is left of the other $6,400 a week after taxes would go to helping my family and numerous charities each year. I struggle to understand why he doesn’t allow me to win when I play, for surely I could win with his help. I think of how little I ask for myself and how much good I could do for him if he allowed it, and I admit I get pissed when I don’t win. I question if he is that opposed to me being happy rather than working my butt to the bone in a very physical, sometimes painful job that I dislike all in the names of having the ability to come home and watch the shows I like.