Start With A Successful Employee Profile

successful employee

If anyone knows about turnover, it is a car dealer! The auto sales industry is notoriously bad about high turnover rates. We have found one method that helps to reduce turnover. We call it our Successful Employee Profile. This profile is taught in our new hire training process, painting a picture for new employees as to what is expected.

Reduce Turnover With A Successful Employee Profile

successful employee

Turnover is probably one of the largest expenses to many small businesses. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware of the magnitude of the expense because it is so difficult to measure. While hiring practices are a large contributor to this expense, onboard training (or lack of it) can also play a part. You can reduce turnover and improve profitability with effective new hire training, including the profile of a successful employee.

Don’t Do These 7 Things When You Are Angry


If you are in business then you have been frustrated, even all-out angry! Things happen so often in business that can cause frustration. Whatever the cause of the issue, we have all felt our blood boil and we start looking for a way to take action. We have to do something or we will explode! Today, I am going to give you a list of things you should NOT do when you are angry!

Will You Stand Up?


If you look around at the world we are living in today, you will see a lot of confusion and chaos. There is so much uncertainty and fear whether you look at politics, the economy, or most any other arena. It is in many ways a frightening time to live. On the other hand, this is an amazing time to live if we look at the opportunity from an eternal perspective. We simply have to stand.

Godly Counsel In Applying Scripture

godly counsel

I am an idea thief. I am very good at taking someone else’s bright idea and applying it to my own business, my parenting practices, or even my hobbies. There are many ways I do this, but one of the main ways is simply finding those who are successful and mimicking their practices. Obtaining godly counsel from others who have proven track records is a skill that all leaders need to learn.

3 Steps To Greater Christian Ministry


Recently, I was meeting with our Strategic Ministry Team for the purpose of relaunching our mission and vision for doing ministry through our business. We had completed the mission statement for the team and moved on to the envisioned future. I explained what I had envisioned for our future and then asked for feedback from the rest of the team. That was when I was told that my vision for the future was not big enough!