Godly Counsel In Applying Scripture

godly counsel

I am an idea thief. I am very good at taking someone else’s bright idea and applying it to my own business, my parenting practices, or even my hobbies. There are many ways I do this, but one of the main ways is simply finding those who are successful and mimicking their practices. Obtaining godly counsel from others who have proven track records is a skill that all leaders need to learn.

3 Steps To Greater Christian Ministry


Recently, I was meeting with our Strategic Ministry Team for the purpose of relaunching our mission and vision for doing ministry through our business. We had completed the mission statement for the team and moved on to the envisioned future. I explained what I had envisioned for our future and then asked for feedback from the rest of the team. That was when I was told that my vision for the future was not big enough!

What Is The Purpose Of Christian Business?


Have you ever stopped to consider what is the main purpose of Christian business? As business leaders, the very purpose of our businesses should be very clear to us. Otherwise, we will likely make decisions and take actions on occasion that oppose this purpose, right? If we are not clear on this purpose, how can we achieve it?

Are You Part Of This 80 Percent?

80 percent

It is that time of year! It is the time that, statistically, most Americans give up on their New Year’s Resolutions. If the studies I have read are accurate, then 80 percent of those who made resolutions or set goals at the beginning of the year have given up on them by now. Can you believe that? 80 percent! If that is true of you, then I have a solution for you.

Are You Called To Ministry?

called to ministry

I had a conversation recently with someone who asked me when I was called to do business as ministry. Like most people, he understood that there would be a “lightning bolt” type moment when God will speak to you and “call” you into ministry. While I am sure there are those who could argue both sides of the theology of that idea, my intent is to go in a different direction.

2 Reasons You Are Not Experiencing God’s Adventure


In my last post, I talked about how God wants all of us on a great adventure with Him. He is not looking for us to play it safe (2 Chronicles 16:9). I made the case that He wants us fully committed to Him, willing to risk it all for whatever unknown adventure He has in store for us. If that is the case, why would anyone NOT experience this great adventure?

A Letter To My Younger Self

younger self

I recently wrote an article that was structured as if my future self was writing a letter back in time to my present self. Just going through the exercise of writing that article was extremely helpful (and convicting!) to me and caused me to make some significant changes in my priorities and routines. In an effort to help others in a similar way, I thought I would write another letter of advice. This one is from the present me and I am writing to my younger self!

Do You Have The Margin For Ministry?


As we look ahead at the new year, many of us take the time to determine what we are going to change about our lives. Some set financial performance goals while others make plans to learn more. There are even those who are determined to spend more time with family or enjoying their hobby. Whatever the case, we all realize there is one thing we are usually missing – margin.