Are You an Impact Player?

An impact player is someone who changes the game when he or she steps onto the court. You know the kind I am talking about. When it appears they may have been injured, the crowd gasps! The team does not want to lose them, even for a short time. These are the players that we all strive to be in our fields…at least that is what we say.

impact playerRecently, my daughters tried out for and made the local middle school girls basketball team. Now they are athletic, but they have not actually played organized basketball in several years. Soccer has been their dominant sport. In soccer, they have been impact players for years!

My Surprise

Last night, I watched something that surprised me. Last night was their first basketball game of the season. I truly do not know what I was expecting to see. Maybe I thought it would be a slight step ahead of the last time I saw them play (when they were 7, now they are 12). Maybe, I just pictured a cute game of basketball because dad’s think that way about their daughters. Regardless, I did not see what I was expecting to see.

Not Prepared

I witnessed a game that was MUCH faster paced and more aggressive than I ever imagined! I was blown away. Because my girls had not played organized ball in several years, they were told to watch the first game and get a feel for the flow. I am glad he held them out of this game. They were simply not prepared. Neither was I!

After the game, we talked. They were frustrated with not being starters and not even getting to play. We discussed what they needed to do to catch up. They are so athletic and competitive that they can if they put their mind to it. Each of them can be an impact player!

Preparation To Come

Fortunately, we also have a friend that was a hometown hero and star on her high school girls basketball team. She still holds scoring records there after more than ten years! She has agreed to spend some time with my daughters, giving them some one-on-two coaching. She knows what to do and I believe they can do it. It will take work on their part, but I know they can pull it off.

What Is The Point?

So, what is the point to all of this? My point is that many of us go to work every day expecting to make a difference. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then I assume you also go to work hoping to impact people there for eternity. I will assume we all want to be an impact player that makes a difference in God’s Kingdom when we step into our everyday roles.

Let me ask you this…if that is the case, how are you doing at your preparation? What does your quiet time with God look like? How much time every day are you spending with your Lord to grow spiritually so you can fight the battle at the level it is being fought around you?

Results Without Preparation?

Would it have been reasonable for me or my daughters to have expected starting positions on the basketball team with little to no real preparation? Is it reasonable for you or me to expect different results in life?

How is it that so many people can go out on a day to day basis, expecting to change the world for Jesus, without spending significant time in Bible study, prayer, and one-on-one seeking of God’s will?

I guess it is understandable when we occasionally get off track and skip our quiet time or let it get stale. I know none of us are perfect.

Impact Player?

What is not understandable is when we are shocked at the results we see! We are genuinely surprised when we trip and fall into temptation. We are stunned when things begin to unravel around us. We just don’t understand why the people we want so desperately to reach will not listen to what we have to say. Is this consistent with being an impact player?

How can this be?

In my next post, I will give you some suggestions on how to power up your ministry impact! In the meantime, I am going to leave you with these questions.

On a scale of 1-10, how would God rate your quiet time with Him? Consider quantity and quality!

If your score is less than you think He would like it to be, what are you going to do about it?

What is your very next step?

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  • Bradley J Moore

    Middle school girls! Mine are a few years ahead, in high school and college (just wait, it will come!).

    Yes, nothing beats a little spiritual exercise to get prepped for the game… I think it can take a variety of forms, though, aside from reflection, prayer and meditation. Sometimes just getting a good workout, getting beat, working with the team – these are also all part of the experience that build the competitive player. The main thing is to think of it all as practice.

    • Just one question…will I survive (through high school)? Will I retain my sanity?

      Practice…that is it. The main thought still boils down to being intentional. Regardless of the method of practice, there must be an intentional effort given to grow. Without that, even the best will fall short of potential.

  • It’s amazing how we want to be successful and we want to have an impact, but we often aren’t willing to put in the preparation to get there. And the thing is, just like your girls, sometimes God’s preparation feels like we’re sitting on the bench inactive.

    • That’s a good point, Loren. God’s idea of preparation for us is not always the same as ours. Every time I read “Be still,” I realize I have a problem. I think I need to be moving to be preparing, but that is not the case.
      Chris Patton

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  • Now you are talking on a subject I can talk about…”impact players” or “game changers” might reveal their potential the first day of practice, but what separates them is their dedication and determination and discipline on and off the field. Real impact players set the pace of practice. They stay after practice to get extra reps so that in the game they are the best they can be. Many of them were also faithful in our FCA activities as well. They do not rely on the athleticism but use their athleticism to be better. They want the ball when the game is on the line, but will gladly set the pick if asked to do so. They realize their inner confidence comes from God and usually have a close connection daily with His Word to inspire them.

    • All very good points, Coach. The main point I want to make is that these players are Impact Players BECAUSE they do the extra reps and gut it out in practice. The investment of time and effort comes before the impact on the field.

      We are the same way. We may WANT to be Impact Players, but unless we invest the time and energy into our relationship with God, we will never make the impact we desire.

  • Scott

    Joseph is a great example of God honoring proper preparation meeting opportunity. Thirteen years of being in sub-servriant roles and finally Joseph comes through in the clutch when the game of life is on the line. God orchestrated the opportunity of course, but Joseph demonstrated his skills three years prior to making an impact at the big dance so to speak. So often perhaps because it is human nature we all want to shortcut the preparation time in order to get to the big stage. Worthy is the person who works hard perfecting their skills in private away from the limelight waiting until God deems it is time to put those skills to their highest and best use. Such a person not only can influence the final outcome of the contest, but as mentioned can lift the play of all the others around them. We need more of these gladiators of God in our schools, churches, and businesses. We need more coaches to mentor and guide these people as well.

  • Amen, Scott! Well said!

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