Warning: Your Foundation May Be Defective!

Imagine you are the owner of a future hotel and condo highrise building in downtown Las Vegas – The Harmon Tower (shown below – tall blue tower on right). You have committed to investing almost $300 million in its construction and eagerly await its opening. Construction is virtually completed on the foundation and exterior of the beautiful building. The interior is moving along quickly.


Defects in Foundation

Now imagine that inspectors have told you that due to defects in the foundation, the original plan for close to 50 floors will need to be revised to include less than 30. After further investigation, it is determined that the building is not safe at all – even with the reduction in size. In fact, though nearly complete, it will most likely have to be destroyed – never to be occupied!

What Are The Consequences?

This is a true story and the legal battle is still going on in court. It is not yet clear exactly who is at fault. All that is clear is that hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted, several companies may be bankrupted, and the Harmon Tower will likely never open.

Could this have been avoided? Was it poor foundation design or sloppy construction? Who should pay the price for the failure? Will anyone come out unscathed?

Turn The Tables?

Folks, these questions are important to ask in this particular case, but they are also appropriate to consider in our own situations. Let’s turn the tables and see how these circumstances may apply to the foundation of our Christian businesses.

First of all, I think it is clear to all of us that a strong foundation is required when building anything – especially something that we expect to stand the test of time. Why would it be any different with our efforts to integrate our Christian faith into our businesses?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a series of posts from material I had used in teaching a small group in India. This series addressed four truths on which we all must agree if we are to have a strong foundation for our Christian business. Let’s review these truths (for more detail on each truth, read the associated post via the links):

Foundation Truths

1. We must have an eternal perspective! (read post)

2. God owns everything – including us! (read post)

3. God commands us to love Him with our all! (read post)

4. God commands us to go and make disciples! (read post)

Defective Foundation?

Sticking with the building analogy, each of these four truths must be a solid part of your Christian faith foundation as you work to integrate that faith into your business.

If you leave any of these truths out of the mix – either through doubt, fear of loss, greed, complacency, or any other reason – your foundation will be defective. As a result, your eternal impact will most likely not reach the heights you may initially have in mind. It will most certainly not reach the heights God has planned for it!

Omit “Eternal Perspective”

Take any one of these truths and omit it from your Christian business foundation and see what happens. For example, leave out an eternal perspective. That can’t be too dangerous, can it?

Well, test it out. Without an eternal perspective, on what time frames will you base your every decision? Will it be 30 days? A quarter? Even a year? Why not 1,000 years? How big can your impact really be when you are only considering the immediate short-term?

In this case, short-term thinking may not cause death and harm to thousands like the collapse of a building. Or could it? If you are only thinking short term, how many potential souls could miss out on the gospel message that might otherwise hear it if you were thinking from an eternal perspective? What fulfillment will you miss due to this short-term thinking?

Omit “God Owns Everything”

What about Truth #2 – God owns everything? If you left out this truth when building your foundation, what would be the big deal?

For starters, if you do not truly believe that God owns everything, then you will fall for the lie that you DO own something. You will then likely fall for the similar lie that says you deserve comfort and luxury and should spend your hard-earned profits on yourself.

How many people in need would then miss out on the blessings God had in mind for them through your generous giving from HIS profits? What blessings will you miss by not experiencing the generous giving yourself?

You can take the other two foundation truths and apply the same questions. I think you get the idea.

Original Questions

Now go back to the original questions we asked regarding the Harmon Tower disaster. Can you see how these might apply to you and your business if your faith foundation is found defective?

Could this have been avoided? Was it poor foundation design or sloppy construction? Who should pay the price for the failure? Will anyone come out unscathed?

Think through these questions slowly and ask God to give you the answers that are specific to your situation. Go back and read each of the posts on the truths listed above. Especially read over the Scripture given in each of the posts and pray expectantly for His guidance in building the right foundation for your business.

Are all four foundation truths present in your business?

Are all of these truths rock solid and without weak areas?

If not, what is your plan for correcting the problem?

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  • rajeev

    You are Right Bro Chris

  • Rajeev

    You are Right Bro Chris

  • Great analogy…its funny that I think “oh no, look at all that money wasted”…but I should be worried about wasted lives more than wasted money

    • It is hard not to look at the wasted money! On second thought, maybe it does not stand out so much in Vegas!!!

      • haha true, what money ISN’T wasted in Vegas?
        I can only answer that sarcastically and ignorantly because I’ve never actually been there, it really isn’t worth the four hour trip to the desert to throw away my dollars so that Trump can fire a few more people

        • I have been there a couple of times, but fortunately have not felt the draw.

  • Mary McCauley

    I can see this not only in the business world, but in a marriage, a family, a life…thanks for helping clarify these principals..

  • There are five foundations that I build my groups on:
    Solos Kristos 
    Sole Deo Gloria
    Sola Fide
    Sola Gratia
    Sola Scriptura

  • In our adult CEH class this past Sunday, we studied 1 Thess. 3. One point we discussed is how Paul always brings the discussion around to a focus on eternity. This was especially important for the Thessalonians who were undergoing a lot of trouble and trial but continued to “stand fast” even in the face of relentless attacks on their faith. Paul’s life and ministry provide terrific examples of focusing on eternity and why it’s important. Read something in Time last night that talked about how it’s difficult for the affluent to focus on eternity when right now isn’t so bad. But those who truly are going through trials – ones that fit right in with what we read in the Bible – can much more easily focus on eternity to get them through right now. God is focusing me on this topic for a reason right now, and I am listening to Him on why. Good post!

    • Thanks Kari! I don’t often read Time, but they make a great point…too often our prosperity comes between us and what should be a total reliance upon God, including an eternal perspective. Thanks for sharing!

      • I only read it because I got a free subscription. They occasionally have interesting articles on faith-based topics. Not for the faint of faith because they typicall take on a very wordly point of view.

  • Great reminders Chris. Crazy story about the Harmon!

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