What Do Chick-Fil-A, Running Shoes, Kids Camp, and Christian Faith Have In Common?

Every once in a while, the stars align, God smiles on you, and an opportunity comes along that ties everything together that you stand for. Well, tomorrow, this very kind of event is happening for our company! For a Christian business, it is the perfect mixture of ministry, promotion, and employee engagement.

chick-fil-a ministry

Several months ago, I was approached about an amazing opportunity coming to our community. It turns out that Chick-Fil-A has agreed to bring their Camp Winshape daycamp to our town. A local church has partnered with them to do this. But there is a twist to it – one that makes this opportunity that much better!

Camp Winshape, a part of Truett Cathy’s Winshape Foundation, is described on their website as an experience that offers kids fun, adventure, lasting friendships and a closer relationship with God. At the core of their programs is a relentless pursuit of providing a camp environment that challenges campers to sharpen their character and deepen their Christian faith and relationships.

Scholarship Opportunities Added!

The local church and Chick-Fil-A had agreed that they could handle roughly 300 kids for the five-day camp. But rather than offering the 300 slots to the public in the normal fashion – first come, first served – they decided they wanted half of the slots to be filled by kids that could not afford the tuition! With the tuition at roughly $200 per child, many kids are financially unable to enjoy the benefits of this camp. Of course, that also meant someone had to come up with roughly $30,000 to fund the 150 scholarships!

At this point, the operators of the local Chick-Fil-A restaurants in our town stepped up and proposed an idea. They decided they would host a Chick-Fil-A Race Series event in our town, using the sponsorships from local businesses to help fund the scholarships for the kids’ tuition expenses. That’s where we came into the picture!

We Are Title Sponsors!

The local operators, knowing our ministry mindset, approached us about being the title sponsors for this race event. The event would include both running and walking segments so that more people could participate. Chick-Fil-A corporate hosts these races in communities all over their company footprint, so they are experienced with the details.

As sponsors, we get to be associated with Chick-Fil-A, which is the very kind of company we are striving to be! We will have XX employees acting as volunteers to help with the race day logistics. We also have more than 30 employees and family members running or walking in the various race events.

Our Benefits

Obviously, we get to market this event as well. We will have cars displayed on site. We will have attention-getting pace cars with our name all over them to lead the races as well as to bring up the rear. Our company logo is prominently featured on the posters and flyers that are posted in the four main cities that make up our selling market. Our logo will also be on every t-shirt given to volunteers and participants.

Finally, and most importantly, our entire sponsorship fee goes fully to the scholarship fund to ensure more than 50 kids get to experience the camp Chick-Fil-A has put together! All of the other race expenses are covered by Chick-Fil-A!

Like I said, this event ties together so many benefits for our company. It is truly a win-win-win event! The kids win. Our businesses win. God wins.


Overall Benefits

  • Christ-centered camp
  • Character development and leadership content
  • Underprivileged children being served
  • Employees volunteering and participating
  • Our association with a prominent Christian business (Chick-Fil-A)
  • Money donated along with physical involvement
  • Our business is featured in key markets
  • God is honored


Do you see any benefits I left off the list?

Have you had similar opportunities with your business?

What are some other win-win-win ideas you have?

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  • My husband works for a Christian business that is a pillar of our small town. They are a sponsor for pretty much every event that happens in town, and the school’s football field is even named after the company. I believe they purchased all of the scoreboards at one point, as the company name is on all of them. They give scholarships to kids of company employees for the local church camp, and they actually sponsored EVERY kid who applied this year. We feel blessed to be connected with this company.

    • Wow, Kari! That is incredible! You are certainly blessed to be associated with that company.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Sounds like a great opportunity Chris – love working with Chick-fil-A!

  • Congrats, Chris! What a great opportunity. 

  • Thanks, Marlee!

  • I know I’m a day late and a dollar short to the party but I hope you post some pictures of the event. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, one worth participating in and one I’d like to see (if not firsthand, then virtually).

    • Tom, it was a great event this morning! I am already sore and I am dreading tomorrow!

      I will get some pictures and post them (likely on ChristianFaithAtWork facebook page). We had a great turnout and we are already making plans for next year!

      Thanks for your support!

      •  I’ll have to check out your Facebook page.