How To Honor God With Your Decision Making Process

decision making

As Christian business owners and leaders, we are often faced with major decision making opportunities. Unfortunately, these situations do not always come with much warning and often carry significant consequences. Though these opportunities are critical functions of our leadership roles, we are seldom adequately trained in how to execute them – especially from a Christian perspective. In light of that, I want to share a simple set of decision making questions that can help you make God-honoring decisions.

How To Change Your Perspective From Overwhelmed To Energized


I ended my last post about my year end review process with an encouragement not to get frustrated or overwhelmed when you see how far you are away from the standards or goals you seek. Depending on your perspective, it is possible you understood what I meant by that, but I think that concept is critical enough to spend more time exploring it.

7 Proven Questions To Ask If You Are Serious About Better Results

year end questions

As another year comes to a close, I begin looking to the new year with new and improved plans and goals. Of course, that is likely not that uncommon. However, maybe the questions I am asking are different from the ones you would consider normal. Maybe these year end review questions are ones we ALL should be asking each year – especially if we are serious about getting better results!

Is This A Stumbling Block For Your Faith?

stumbling block

A friend recently used the following illustration: Can you explain how cell phone technology actually works? I am not asking if you know how to use a cell phone, but if you can explain how it works? Odds are, you cannot explain this technology. I sure cannot. Yet, it does not seem like this lack of understanding of cell phone technology is a stumbling block for anyone. People do not refuse to believe in and depend upon cell phones simply because they don’t know how they work, right?

When In Doubt, How Do You Believe?


I like to read back over the Christmas story as we get closer to Christmas. I also like to dig into it and see how I can take the lessons I find and apply them to my life and business today. For that reason, I want to focus on how we can believe more like Mary and less like Zechariah.

Who Is The Focus Of Your Leadership Journey?

leadership journey

As we near the end of this year and the start of a new one, I think it is very appropriate to take some time to look in the mirror and consider our own leadership journey. Ask yourself the following questions – Is my leadership about me? Does my leadership come from a humble or proud heart? Am I really THAT good at leading or am I leading from a heart focused on God’s will?

Here Is Stunning Life Change In A Glovebox!

life change

I am so excited to share with you a personal testimony from one of our customers. It is not about business or how well we did resolving an issue, but is instead a testimony of life change due to God’s work through our business. I share this testimony with you to encourage you to step out and do something similar through your business. Read on and be encouraged!

This Is The Wrong Way To Control Personnel Expense

personnel expense

Just this last week, one of my daughters asked me to help with the business portion of a presentation she was creating for a school project. She certainly does not realize it, but that was one of the greatest things she could do to excite me – being sincerely interested in something I love and could teach to her! I was on cloud nine!