More Advice From Proverbs 31


I love how the Bible is so deep and applicable in various situations. If we will just take the time to read and study it, we will certainly be able to apply it to our lives, regardless of our circumstances. An example is Proverbs 31 [Read HERE] which is normally taught to wives and mothers as the pattern to follow. We will apply it to husbands and fathers today!

Proverbs 31 Advice For Men!

Proverbs 31 - Advice for Men

Rule #1 in writing a blog is to stay on topic. I am supposed to pick a category or fairly specific area and focus on it, not straying far from it much (if ever). Today, I am going to break Rule #1 (a little). With Mother’s Day just ahead of us, I want to take another look at Proverbs 31 [READ HERE].

Career Callings Podcast Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Robbie Romeiser for his Career Callings Podcast. What a great experience!


In this podcast, Robbie gave me an opportunity to share my story and talk about how I shifted my metrics from profit to ministry, and what that looks like in my business.

You can listen to the full length interview here, or listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, or TuneIn. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the discussion, and learn more about what a ministry-focused business looks like for you.

Robbie is passionate about helping others find, prepare for and pursue the work they were born to do. You can find him at the Career Callings website.

Two Words That Will Change The Trajectory Of Your Life!

Application of Learning

I should have your attention based on the title of this post. For some of you, my claim is not believable, and so you are reading just out of curiosity. Others of you are willing to consider the fact that two simple words can make a huge difference in your life. You are reading with genuine interest, but likely with some hesitation until you see how I plan to back up my claim.

Why Should You Stand Out?

We probably all know someone that dresses in a way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a wacky looking tie or a dress that is so bright it looks like it runs on batteries, we have all seen examples of people wearing clothes that stand out. Why do you think they do this? What is their purpose?

Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

Stand out

I have been studying a little in Matthew 5-7. If you are familiar with this passage, you know that this is also known as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This “sermon” from Jesus is so full of meat, you could write a whole book on what we should learn from it. Today, I want to focus on a couple of verses that teach us to stand out from the crowd.

5 Phrases Your Employees Need To Hear You Say

Employee engagement

I received a critical, but motivating comment on a recent post I shared on LinkedIn. The comment basically stated that my post “Have You Attended Your Own Funeral?” had been long on theory and short on concrete examples. Instead of discussing the idea of dying to self in the business world, I was asked to give examples of what it would look like from the outside. I think the commenter was right on target!